World’s Top 10 Largest Cat Breeds

Large cats can really prove to be good companions at your home. They are playful, adorable, and energetic. Their elegant appearance attracts many cat lovers.  So, you can choose your favorite breed from this list of the ten largest cat breeds in the world presented below.

 Maine Coon: One Of The Largest Cat Breeds In The World

When fully matured a  male Maine coon measures 15-25lbs.  Females are much smaller and their average weight is 12lbs. They generally have a large body, muscular, broad-chested, a bigger head, and a long tail. One of the attractive features of a Maine Coon is its silky and glossy coat. They come in different colors like brown, black, white, and light red.

World's Top 10 Largest Cat Breeds
World’s Top 10 Largest Cat Breeds

Savannah: The African Variety

The average weight of this cat is more than 20lbs. It is a crossbreed of African serval and a domestic cat.  It is taller, alert, and confident than most cats and has a cheetah type appearance. They are available in several patterns, golden with black spots being the most attractive one.

Ragamuffin: The Domestic Variety

One of the most interesting features of this breed is its good nature. They are peace-loving and can coexist with other pets in the house and can prove to be a good companion. The average weight of this cat is 20lbs and looks bushy with its dense and silky fur. They come in various patterns and colors. 

Ragdoll: One Of The Strongest And Largest Cat Breeds

A fully mature ragdoll weighs 20lbs. Their physique is defined by a muscular body, broad chest, and larger paws than other cats. They come in unique colors like a seal, blue, lilac, and chocolate. One of the most attractive features of this cat is their sparkly blue eyes.

British Shorthair: The Ancient Variety

This is an Egyptian breed and comes in the weight of 7-17lbs. A fully matured breed is defined by strong legs and shoulders. They attain physical maturity after 3 years. The most popular coat color is blue-gray.

World's Top 10 Largest Cat Breeds
World’s Top 10 Largest Cat Breeds

Norwegian Forest: One Of The Domestic And Largest Cat Breeds

The most attractive feature of this cat is its double coat which is water-resistant. A fully matured breed weighs more than 16.5 lbs. They are very athletic. Their physique is defined by muscular legs and triangular head. 

Turkish Van: The Turkish Breed

A fully grown one weighs more than 16lbs and it generally becomes fully matured in 3 years. They are very enthusiastic and love to play games. Their physique is defined by a  long body and broad shoulders.

Siberian Cat: One Of The Most Beautiful And Largest Cat Breeds

This breed is also known as the National cat of Russia. They have triple layers of coats that come in various colors. It is a steady and sturdy variety that weighs 16 lbs. They take 5 years to reach maturity. 

Chartreux: A Beautiful And Exotic Breed

The average weight of a Chartreux is  7-10lbs. An important fact about this breed is that it takes more than 5 years to develop into a fully grown cat. They have a blueish- gray coat which is water-resistant and brown colored eyes.

The List Of Top 10 Largest Cat Breeds In The World
The List Of Top 10 Largest Cat Breeds In The World

Chausie: One Of The Hybrids And Largest Cat Breeds In The World

A crossbreed between a jungle and a domestic cat that weighs 15lbs. It has big ears and long legs. They are generally healthy and energetic. Solid black, black ticked, and grizzled – these are the three different colour combinations in which these breeds are available.

These cats may come off to be a little high maintenance but their cute and calm nature would make your day!

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