Dogs And Cats: Top Reasons


As per the reports of the American Humane Society, almost 10 million pets are reported missing. Moreover, such a figure is an occurrence of each year. Additionally, pet parents find it challenging to track their lost pet. Hardly any nay parents get back their lost pets due to the difficulty in finding them. Therefore with the help of microchips, pet parents find it easy to track their lost pets. These microchips enable pet parents to find their pets. The microchips are computer chips that get inserted into the pets. These microchips help the pet parents keep all the track of their pets. This especially takes place in the case of Dogs And Cats.

Why Microchip Dogs And Cats: Top Reasons
Why Microchip Dogs And Cats: Top Reasons

Do Inserting The Microchips Hurt While Inserting In The Dogs And Cats

Usually, the vet doctors insert the microchips in the dogs and the cats. They use long syringes to insert these microchips in the pets. They insert the microchips at the back of the pets just near the shoulder blades. Moreover, parents also choose to put their pets to sleep so that the process does not hurt them. Therefore the pet does not feel any pain while inserting the microchips in the cats and dogs. Moreover, many pet parents feel that there do exist certain complications in the process. But there are no such complications required in the process.

Who Reads The Microchips In The Dogs And Cats

To track the whereabouts of the dogs and cats, the pet parents insert the microchips in them. But the question that arises is here that as to who reads the data. Usually, the pet parents get the microchips reader from the vet doctors or the shelters. Moreover, pet parents even can ask for common microchip from the vet doctors as well. Using these microchip readers, pet parents can read the information about the pets. Additionally, it also helps them to track pets in case they go missing.

Is Microchip The Only Way Of Protecting The Pets

Many pet parent believes that microchips are the only way of protecting their pets. But this is not the case. A chip is the single source of identification of the pet. You need to put a collar on the pet with tags. Moreover, you also need to ensure that they use the collars whenever you take them out for walks. This provides them with extra protection in case they go missing. Moreover, the tags, along with the microchips, enable the pet parents to track their pets easily without any hassle. Additionally, the pet parents also need to register their phone numbers with the tags. This will ensure that they get all notifications about their pets on their mobile phones.

Why Microchip Dogs And Cats: Top Reasons
Why Microchip Dogs And Cats: Top Reasons

Do The Microchip Requires Lookup Registry

Another main thing that the pet parents need to know about the microchips is the lookup registry. Moreover, a chip becomes functional only if linked to the registered number. Additionally, there also exits all the data of the chip into the lookup registry. Pet parents can use this registry for future references.

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