Why Are Cats The Best Pet Choice?

Why Are Cats The Best Pet Choice?
Why Are Cats The Best Pet Choice?

Deciding which pet to get can be a difficult decision as adopting a pet is like adding a new member to the family. Cats and dogs are the most favorite choices among everyone. Both are nice, furry and friendly but they are quite different from each other. According to the latest reports of the American Veterinary Medical Association, more people are adopting cats than dogs. Cats are love to cuddle but there are some cats like feral cats who don’t like to be touched. Feral cats are very common undomesticated cats that are found everywhere buy they avoid human contacts. There are hundreds of breeds of cats available in the market some are huge like the Maine coon cats while some are small like a munchkin.

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Reasons Why Cats Make The Best Pets

Why Are Cats The Best Pet Choice?
Why Are Cats The Best Pet Choice?

Owning a cat has its own benefits and there are researchers who agree on this. Dogs need more attention than cats, so it allows the cat owner some extra time to focus on there work. So we can say cats can be an intelligent choice. Some of the benefits of adopting a cat are:

Cats Lower The Risk Of Heart Disease:

Dogs reduce our stress level in the same manner cats can reduce the risk of heart disease. The survey tells that people owning cats are less likely to die of heart disease. The reasons are unknown. We can believe that cat owners are more relaxed so for that reason the chances for heart stroke and heart attack decreases.

Cats Are Great Companion:

Why Are Cats The Best Pet Choice?
Why Are Cats The Best Pet Choice?

It’s a stereotypical believe that dogs are more affectionate than cats. In fact, cats are as loving and caring companions like dogs. Cats remember the kindness that is shown to them and most of the time return the favor. They are great emotional partners, in fact, better than actual romantic partners.

Cats Help Us To Sleep Better:

Cats are generally most associated with women. Women are more fond of cats than men. They prefer to sleep with their cats than their partners as they feel they get better sleep. Cats have a very positive impact on our brains. They help us to relax and calm ourselves which results in a better lifestyle and improved sleeping pattern. Cats are warm and furry which is another reason for then being an excellent sleeping partner.

Cats Mean Fewer Allergies:

People have this misconception that cat fur is very dangerous and can cause many diseases. It is found that children exposed to cats are likely to develop fewer allergies. Exposure of the child to pet at a very young age can protect the child from allergies from dust mites, ragweed, and grass. There is still some risk of getting infected but if we keep the litter box of the cat clean, it can eat be prevented.

Watching A Cat Video Can Make Us Cheerful:

Watching a cat video can instantly change our mood. A study shows that people watching cat videos have positive energy around them. Cats are very smart and can be a great companion. Watching a cat video not only improves our mood but are likely to keep away negative thoughts away.

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