What You Need To Make Your Cat Happy

cat in the hat accessories

Cats love accessories, they really do! The cat in the hat is certainly one of these. Whether you have a long haired, short haired, or a completely color blind cat, this accessory will give him that extra pizazz to make him stand out. And with so many choices, you’re sure to find something that he’ll love. You can dress him up in a cute little hat, or dress him down, depending on the occasion. There are hats to fit every personality type and look.

Some hats have small fringe benefits which can be taken off once the cat’s hair has grown too long. Other styles come with an elastic band or snap closures, so they can be quickly and easily changed out. Some of the more fanciful looking hats have crystals or sequins sewn in. And there are some with real feathers, beads, buckles, or flowers attached. Any of these options can give your cat his own style statement.

Classic Large Floppy Ears

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If you’ve got a bold cat, there are even more accessories for him. The classic large floppy ears are always a great addition. With this accessory, your cat can have all the fun of popcorn without the messy spills. This is a really good thing if you’re going to be taking him out in the cold.

You might want to go for a feathered hat with a real feather. Fluffy ones are usually not very girly, but flocked ones look just as cute. And don’t forget the fun little feather Boas to wear with your cat! These can be found in all kinds of funky colors. They look best on an adult cat, but they will look wonderful on a kitten as well.

Little Fun With Cat

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There are many times when you might want to let your cat have a little fun. One way to do this is to get her some accessories that she can use while playing with you. Some of the more common accessories like earplugs can make playing with your cat more enjoyable. Many cats love to have their ears stuffed and are quite content when you put a little pillow underneath their ears while they sleep.

Cats love to look pretty and would usually love to sport a pretty hat. There are many different types of hats available for your cat. These could be hats made from feathers, tulle, beads and even satin. A lot of the fancier hats look better on adult cats than they do on kittens or babies. This is because kittens and babies have soft skin and are more prone to catching fabric softener when they play around.

Whole Range Of Fancy Hats

You can also find a whole range of fancy hats made from satin. These hats look fabulous when worn by an adult cat. However, kittens cannot wear satin and need something else to protect them. If your kitten cannot wear hats then you could always buy her some accessories like earplugs. There are plenty of options available to you but there are also lots of different types of accessories. Some of the most common types are felt hats, felt ear caps and felt hats with feathers.

If you want to give your cat a treat, why not treat her to a special hat? There are many treats available which double as accessories. Treats like raw carrots or chicken can look great when wrapped up in a felt hat with a ribbon.

Wrapping Up

You can also layer a variety of different flavored treats. You may want to consider buying her a combination of raw carrots and chicken so that she has her favorite treat while also protecting her from the elements.

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