What you need to know before a Cat rescue

Cat rescue: When animals get neglected by their owners, are left on the street, and end up getting sick, it becomes painful to watch. Animals are the most genuine creatures on this planet, and they only need to be loved and appreciated.

The same goes for cats. When they end up on the street with nothing to eat, they will often get sick. Sometimes they can get into accidents, get stuck somewhere, and would need genuine care and attention until they are nursed back to health.

Are you curious about how to start your cat rescue in case of an emergency? Then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will be discussing the steps, preparations, and precautions that you will need to know before you get started on saving a life.

It’s important that you know everything because starting a cat rescue is not as easy as you may think because there are a lot of things that you will need to take note of before you get started. In order to orchestrate this operation successfully, you will need a to be business savvy, as well as have the right connections and the budget to pull it off properly.

Here’s everything you need to know:

What you need to know before a Cat rescue

Items needed before starting Cat Rescue

  • Statement of Mission
  • Board of directors
  • Sources of funds
  • Any relationship with a veterinarian
  • Website
  • Procedures and policies for fostering animals
  • Volunteers and volunteer handbooks
  • Registered 501 status

Other things you’ll need to know before starting

  • First of all, think about your community and its needs. Think about what you can offer your community, and how you can help out effectively when it comes to rescuing animals.

Because of this, you will maybe want to consider fostering cats or volunteering at an already established cat rescue. This way, you won’t be spending much and won’t require much effort from your end.

  • Be communicative and friendly. It’s also a good idea to join some email lists and talk to fellow cat rescuers. This will give you more information on how to handle your cat rescue, and will also help you decide on whether or not you should start one on your own.
What you need to know before a Cat rescue

Remember, putting up your cat rescue will require a lot of effort and time on your end. Knowing what you are up against will give you a better idea of what to expect, and foresee if it’s going to work on not.

  • Make sure to include your goals for opening the cat rescue. Having a clear intention will make everything clearer. You can also focus on certain specializations like neutering, trap, or return – maybe even rescue cats from various kill centers.  Just make sure to be clear with your mission statement.

Knowing what you want to focus on and how you will do it will keep you focused on your goal, and help keep you away from burnouts.

  • Like any other organization, it needs a board of directors. This will make your cat rescue more legitimate, and trusting. Make sure that you only invite people you know and trust to join you. Along with a board of directors, make sure that you also include experienced accountants, writers, and veterinarians.
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