What To Expect When Visiting A Cat Care Clinic

cat care clinic bellevue

There is a cat care clinic in Bellevue where you can get your cat the care that it needs. The clinic is run by volunteers and is dedicated to providing good, quality cat care to cats and kittens. It offers a wide range of services including spaying and neutering, vaccinations, heartworm testing and annual checkups for cats. There are other services offered as well including grooming services, nail trimming and de-matting. This clinic offers the same level of quality services that you would expect to find at any major city hospital.

Why Should You Choose Cat Care Clinic In Bellevue

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What sets this clinic apart from other cat care clinics is that they do not use pharmaceuticals to treat their cats. The staff at this facility focuses on using natural methods to help your cat stay healthy and disease free. That means no annual exams, harsh medicines or side effects. They do not simply remove the cat’s fur to rid the cat of fleas or ticks. No animal testing is done at this facility. The cat care clinic in Bellevue takes a holistic approach to helping your cat stay healthy.

In addition to the wonderful services that the staff offers at the facility, the staff is very caring and loving. Their goal is to make your cat feel loved and accepted, and we have noticed that to be a very successful with all of their clients. This is evident when you visit the cat care center. The cat has his own little room that he spends time in. When you arrive, you will see two friendly staff members that will help you with your cat’s examination and cleaning.

Considering Points While Visiting Cat Care Clinic

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The first thing that you will notice when you visit the clinic is the cat’s familiar exam room. Here, the staff will administer a physical examination based on the information that you gave them during your initial interview. The health history of the cat, weight and age are taken into account in the examination. The veterinarian also asks about any problems that your cat has had in the past, such as a fracture or an infection.

After the examination is finished, your cat’s anal glands and anus will be thoroughly cleaned. The cat’s eyes will be checked and then the clinic staff will gently remove any discharge or signs of illness from the cat’s eyes. A complete examination is usually done before the clinic begins their treatment plan for your cat. The staff also gives a prescription for medications for the treatment of various illnesses.

Services Of Cat Care Clinic

If you are looking for information about other services that the cat care clinic in Bellevue offers, there is plenty to choose from. They also give you the option to have your cat spayed or neutered. You can also get other cat care such as vaccinations and de-wormings, whether your cat is indoor or outdoor. Of course, if your cat needs emergency care, the center will bring your cat in immediately.

Your cat care clinic in Bellevue will treat all cat types, including stray, exotic, senior and more. Their staff can even treat your cat if you have an emergency without the proper authorization. Your cat’s medical history is carefully studied and the staff will make sure that your cat receives the best possible care. Your cat will be observed by a veterinarian and treated according to the animal’s condition.


At the cat care clinic in Bellevue, you can take advantage of the state-of-the art facilities. In addition to being one of the best cat care centers in the country, it is located in one of the premier destinations in Washington State. Your cat will receive the very best care, with a warm and welcoming staff and a warm and caring facility. No wonder why thousands of people visit the cat care clinic every year.

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