What Are the Services a Feline Veterinary Clinic Offers

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The Cat Care Clinic has been a passion of love for many years. When Dr. Maureen Saunders stepped out of veterinary school, she immediately started working for her family’s beloved veterinarian in the small town of Spring Valley, UT. But like any true daughter, she wanted to expand her horizons and started working part time at Cat’s Exclusive in Ridgefield, NJ where she met her future husband (now husband Deluxe). Dr. Saunders loved her new job because it gave her the opportunity to expand her knowledge of animals. In turn, this experience gave her the confidence and skills she needed to open her own Cat Care Clinic. If you are an animal lover, you will appreciate this story.

An Overview


It all began when the veterinary clinics in Colorado Springs, CO, realized that most of their clients could not get the same quality of care as they would from a private practice veterinarian. The problem was that many veterinary practices didn’t offer a comprehensive range of services to meet the needs of the pet owner. That’s when the idea came to expand the services offered and offer more to clients. The services included quality preventive care, diagnostic and treatment services, nutritional support, wellness management, and educational opportunities. These endeavors have improved the lives and health of countless pets while ensuring that they receive the best possible care by professionals who truly know what they’re doing.

One of the major challenges faced by many pet owners is providing the best veterinarian care to their pets when they are covered by insurance. The Colorado Springs cat care clinic realized that their services provided a valuable resource to many pet owners and the sales increased accordingly. Many of the services offered are often not available through private practices. They can be particularly beneficial to people with chronic problems, those with special needs or very old pets.

Feline Veterinary Clinic Offers


One of the services offered is wellness exams and vaccinations. While routine wellness exams are beneficial to your cat’s overall health, they can sometimes be time consuming. Some clinics offer the diagnostic tools necessary to make quicker diagnoses and to target specific problems. Other clinics use only non-invasive methods such as non-surgical coatings to maintain a healthy coat.

An important service that you may find at a cat care clinic is preventive care. Preventive care can help keep your pet’s coat looking its very best. A good clinic will give you a complete examination of the health of your cat, including ears, teeth and eyes, and will recommend which treatments are best for maintaining a high level of wellness. This can help you make quicker diagnoses and provide preventative treatments right away, saving you time and money.

Many animals suffer from serious illnesses and injuries and, in some cases, there isn’t a veterinarian available to save the animal. Some cat care clinics have veterinarian assistants who can provide emergency and routine services right away. In situations where veterinary services are not immediately available, veterinarians are trained to provide basic and emergency care for cats and can give the owners the assistance they need.

Bottom Line

When it comes to choosing a clinic for your feline friends, you have many similar options. Many clinics offer vaccinations on a yearly basis and offer other services as well. Your veterinarian can make decisions about the best course of action in order to protect your pet and make quicker diagnostics. It is important that you choose a place that is clean, has knowledgeable staff and offers a reasonable price. You can visit a local clinic and learn more about what services are offered and how they can make your pet feel more confident.

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