Top Popular Affectionate Cat Breeds

affectionate cat breeds

If you’re a new cat owner, then you may have only experienced affectionate cat breeds such as cats from the toy group. Or maybe you’ve been around cats your entire life and have managed to get along with them without any special care. Cats don’t require much special attention throughout their lives and can live in the same house with you for many years. But there are those that do require a little more than a cuddle from time to time.

Famous Cat Breeds

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When it comes to affectionate cat breeds, there are a number of popular ones. You’ll find that most of them share some common characteristics including a playful nature, a willingness to please, and a willingness to play with your hands and even objects in your home. If you look at the characteristics of these breeds that make them so popular, you’ll see that each has its own way of communicating affection to you. Many people think that a purebred is always a sweetheart and always cute. But if you look deeper, you’ll find that each one of these top ten lists has a specific personality and way of communicating affection.

One of the most popular affectionate cat breeds is the long-haired lap cat. These cats have a soft and cuddly personality that is extremely friendly to everyone. They’re also very affectionate toward children, although they can be wary of them because of childhood memories of being abandoned by their mothers. These long-haired lap cats also need a lot of attention and exercise.

Rex Cats

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The second most popular is one of the top ten most popular cat breeds around the world. The Rex cats are said to have originated from Australia. This breed is said to have inherited the unique characteristics of the tiger but with an even longer tail. They are the perfect example of warm loving affection.

Another one of the top ten most popular is the Affenpinscher. The Affenpinscher has long hair all over its body except for its face, which is really short. They tend to be a little shy, yet very lovable, they love cuddles and are great pets. These lap cats tend to be rather short haired, making them perfect for apartment life as long as they are well cared for.

Abyssinian Cats

If you love cats that get along with other animals and get along well with kids then the Abyssinian is the breed for you. They are very affectionate, energetic and loyal and very intelligent. An Abyssinian cat is said to have inherited its beautiful eyes from a lion, therefore making it very intelligent and inquisitive.

If you love a long coated domestic cat then the Maine Coon Cat is probably one of the best choices for you. Maine Coons are usually short haired and are often referred to as Siamese, after their designer owner, Theodor Seuss Geisel. Siamese are said to have gotten their long coated trait from their common ancestor that was originally from Asia, namely the Asian Leopard Cat.


The American Longhair or Blue Lady is probably the most famous among cat fanciers because they are extremely popular in the United States. These cats tend to be very calm and easy to care for, they are very affectionate however, and many owners will breed them in order to create a long lithe blue coat. The American Longhair is also fairly large in comparison to other types of cats, they are relatively thin, and due to their beautiful coat, they tend to shed a lot. The American Longhair also tends to have a pinkish tint to its fur, and they will often have white paws. This breed is most commonly used as a show cat, but due to their popularity, they are sometimes used as house pets as well.

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