Top 5 Cute Cat Breeds In The World

Cute Cat Breeds In The World

From offering you those cuddles to allowing you to spend some quality time with them, the importance of petting a cute cat is unquestionable. People love to keep cats and for good reasons. Cats make great companions and most of them can stay alone all day without feeling lonely. The cats require less maintenance and are very economical. If you are planning to adopt a cat, here are some cute cat breeds you can choose your pet from.  

Scottish Fold Cat

Regarded as one of the most popular breeds of catsScottish Fold cats are domestic cats with folded ears and tender voice. These cats are quite friendly and require moderate care. However, one should be careful while handling their tails. The Scottish Fold cat has a high tendency to shed and have to be bathed twice a week. These cats love exploring their environment especially outdoors. Their eye color can be green, blue, or gold while their fur can be red, brown, cream, black, white, or silver. The life expectancy of these cats is 9-12 yrs.

Cute Cat Breeds
Top 5 Cute Cat Breeds In The World

Persian Cats

Persian cats are characterized by a rich coat and their round face. They demand royalty, are quite, and don’t like to be much active. However, that doesn’t mean they won’t bond well with you. Persian cats love to be around children and sit indoors most of the time. These cats don’t like rudeness at all. As they have a rich coat, they need frequent cleaning so as to keep their fur shiny and clean. Although the Persian cat is available in several colors, the white Persian cat is most popular. People also love petting golden or silver Persians. The life expectancy of Persian cats is about 15 years or so.

Russian Blue

Russian Blue can’t be missed from the list of cute cat breeds. These cats have a striking blue coat and gorgeous green eyes. They have a muscular and long body and a short and plush coat. Their ears are large at the base while pointed at the tip. Russian Blues are gentle and stay quiet most of the time. However, they love entertaining themselves and also like to play games with their owner. These gorgeous cats are very intelligent and moderately active. Well, the gorgeous Russian Blues are fierce hunters and love catching birds, rats, and small mammals. Russian Blues are expected to live around 10–20 years.

Turkish Angora

Originating from Turkey, Turkish Angoras are also one among the cute cat breeds known for their open-mindedness. These smart and active cats are very friendly and love greeting people. The cats demand attention from their owners and love leading. These happy cats are loyal and love entertaining their owner. Physical characteristics of these Turkish Angoras include a silky coat, slim and long body, wide eyes, a slim chest, and large ears. These cats are available in white, cream, black, silver, tabby, and blue. Their common eye colors include blue and green. Further, Turkish Angoras can live for anywhere between 12-18 years.

Cute Cat Breeds In The World
Top 5 Cute Cat Breeds In The World

Additional Info: Turkish Angoras are vocal cats and love conversing with people. They love dancing. One interesting fact about blue-eyed Turkish Angoras is that they can’t hear.

Burmese Cat

Burmese cats with their easy-going and friendly attitude make for perfect domestic cats. They have a tender voice and look forward to companionship. These cats have tiny yet muscular bodies. They love to learn and are generally quiet and calm. However, these cats can be aggressive if someone leaves them alone or are rude to them. Well, Burmese cats do not require grooming and can live for 15 years or more.

Choose any of your favorite cat breeds and bring that cute cat at home right today!

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