3 Popular Breeds Of Cats

Top 3 Types of Cats You Will Surely Love

You should know by now that we have several types of cats to choose from. And the varieties of breeds are irresistible. Lets’ choose the best race for you!

As an avid fan of felines and a cat owner myself, there are lots of cat breeds you can choose from. We have furry heads to skinny ones, from small to bigger kitties and from charming faces to grumpy ones. More than 60 to 80 types of cat’s breed exist across the globe and for sure, one of which will capture and touch your heart. Breeds of felines vary in sizes, and some are mixed breeds as well.

Of course, you would like to consider something ‘suspect at home before adopting or buying a cat for your family. Here I want to give you a list of my top five cat’s breed you will surely love. Let me share some types of cats which you can adopt. We will not dig into the history of this pet but will share why they are my chosen five.

Top 3 Types of Cats You Will Surely Love
Top 3 Types of Cats You Will Surely Love

Top Three Felines


Yes, Garfield! These breeds are known for their laid-back character, rounded eyes, sweet and gentle face felines. They are also the kind of cats that are quiet, charming, and loving amongst another breed. They are the top choice of many.

Persian cats have thick furry hair. The only disadvantage of this breed is that you have to visit the vet clinic often for grooming. Their furs are easily got knots and matting. They need grooming from time to time.

Top 3 Types of Cats You Will Surely Love
Top 3 Types of Cats You Will Surely Love

British Shorthair

Known as teddy bear breed of cats because of their dense round coats. This is breed is also one of the top choices of feline lovers. They are great models on TVs, books, and magazines. Most cat food brands even choose this breed as an advertiser.

British shorthair types of cats are intelligent, trainable and affectionate too. They can quickly bond with your family especially with children.

Top 3 Types of Cats You Will Surely Love
Top 3 Types of Cats You Will Surely Love


Sophisticated breed among the felines. Siamese breeds are social cats and outgoing. They are born as loving chatterbox pet. And because they are outgoing, it is not the types of cats that will stay at home whenever you’re not around. They get lonely easily, but when shown with care and love, they are your best buddy.

There are lots and different types of cats you can choose from aside from the one mentioned above. Those listed are my top favorite breeds. Different types have different personalities. On the contrary, many people believe that the cat’s character differs on their breed. It may be true, but one I am sure about, a cat’s personality will vary on how you take care of them. Felines are naturally sweet and affectionate types of pets. Male cats are more behaved than females though.

You can never tell how your cat will behave until it reached their adult stage. I have 5 Persian cats at home, and they grow as sweet loving pets. Choose your type and train them to be your best friend. All cats are affectionate so long as you give them the love and care they need. But, since I am a fan of felines, I will recommend that you adopt one at home. You will never regret having them by your side.

With the top 3 types of cats mentioned, for sure you already found the one you need. Be friendly to your cats and they will surely reciprocate the love and care you will give to them.

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