Top 15 Cat Toys You Can Get for Your Cat

Cat Toys

Cats are very picky creatures, who don’t care about what cat toys you buy for them. However, there are cat toys out there that will appeal to most cats. Here is a list of cat toys to help cat owners find the perfect toy for their kitty!

  1. Cat Charmer Toy: A cat charmer cat toy is a simple pole with a colorful piece of fabric and a string that has catnip on it. When your cat flicks the string, it makes a fun noise so your cat will be very interested in playing this game!
  2. Comfy Cardboard Box: You can never go wrong with cardboard boxes! If you poke holes in the box so the cat can see out, they will happily sleep inside it for hours. My kitten sleeps in one every night and we have several different ones she likes to play and nap in!
  3. Pounce Toy: This toy is like a small fishing rod that has feathers tied to the end of it (just like cat toys in the wild, like birds). If you attach catnip to the feathers, your cat will be forever entertained with this toy!
  4. SmartCat Peek-a-Prize Toy Box: An interactive cat toy box that has cat treats hidden under little flaps for your cat to search for! You can change up where you put the treats so it’s never the same game every time. Once my cat is bored of one flap opening, I open another one and keep him interested.
  5. Kong Cat Wobbler Treat Dispenser Toy: This is an automatic cat toy that dispenses smaller bits of food or catnip as your cat plays with it! Your cat will chase this ball around for hours trying to get the cat treats out.
  6. Cat Dancer Toy: When I go to cat shows, this is one of the cat toys they have in their booths for people to play with their cats. It is a long wire with feathers attached to it so your cat will chase after it and try to catch it when you wave it around! This cat toy is tons of fun!
  7. Da Bird Rod Wand Toy: A catfishing rod toy that has a feather attached at the end of it! Your cat will run all over trying to catch the feather on the string. If you buy this toy, please hang onto the string because your cat WILL eventually get tangled up in it! You can use this wand even indoors because there are cat toys that you can attach catnip to, or just play normally without catnip.
  8. Cat Tunnel Toy: A cat tunnel toy is a long tube with cat toys hanging down from it where your cat can run through the tube! If you train your cat to use this first, they will love running through it for hours on end because who doesn’t like something fun to do? Just beware of potential injuries if your cat gets too rowdy and flips over while inside!
  9. Laser Pointer Toy: Yes, there are cat laser pointers out there so you can entertain yourself by chasing the little red dot around the floor (or wherever)! Your kitty will chase that dot all over until their heart’s content (I’d say about 5 minutes, sometimes more)! If your cat isn’t fond of cat toys yet, they might not be interested in this cat toy.
  10. Cat Treat Maze Toy: This cat treat maze toy is a puzzle where your cat tries to get treats out from little holes in the top or bottom! You pour cat food in one end and it comes out the other. My cat was very confused when he first saw this because he couldn’t figure it out at all, but once I showed him how to get the cat food out by rolling the ball around…he loved it!
  11. Crinkle Tunnel Cat Toy: A crinkle tunnel cat toy is like a long tube made of crinkly paper that has catnip hanging down from it. Your cat will love pushing their paw into this cat toy and watching everything move! It costs little to nothing to make this cat toy, so if you have some paper lying around put a few cat toys inside and your cat should be very interested in the crinkling noises to play with them for hours on end!
  12. Laser Cat Toy: This cat laser cat toy accidentally ended up a favorite of our kitty. She absolutely loves anything that moves fast and catches her attention so she can chase after it ferociously – hence why we never leave this toy out when we go away to work or school because she would have it destroyed within an hour if we did…which is why to recommend buying several of these laser cat toys for cat owners!
  13. Catnip Toy (any cat toy with catnip): Cats don’t get high like other pets do, but catnip has a special ingredient in it that makes cats very interested in whatever cat toy you give them! My cat especially likes catnip stuffed into cat toys or cat scratching posts so she can rub her chin all over the catnip and enjoy every minute of it! If your kitty isn’t one to go nuts about cat toys, try giving them something with some fresh catnip stashed inside!
  14. Crinkle Cat Den: This is similar to the crinkle tunnel cat toy except there’s no long tube – just crinkly paper everywhere so your cat can roll all around in it and watch cat toys move as they swat at them! Again, all you need is some crinkly paper with catnip hanging down from the cat den and your cat will be happy with this cat toy for hours on end.
  15. Laser Toy: What makes this cat toy different is there’s a ball dangling right next to the red dot which gives your cat something to play with alongside what catches their attention with speed alone! Sadly most laser lights don’t come attached to anything that moves besides the red dot itself but if you’re willing to pay more money (and I mean a lot more), you can buy one like this where the ball bounces up and down as well as the laser light.

What Makes A Cat Toy Great?

Cat Toys

Cats have very cat-specific criteria that each cat toy needs to meet if it is going to be a “good cat toy”.

Let’s start with cat toys you can buy at the store.

There are lots of cat toys on the market. They can be expensive cat toys or cat toys that cost less than a dollar, cat toys made from catnip or cat toys with catnip in them, cat toys with bells, cat toys that make noise, cat toys to chase, and cat toys to scratch.

But no cat toy is perfect for all cats, and that is because what makes a cat toy great varies from cat to cat. Some cats like cat toys with catnip, but other cats don’t care about catnip. Some cats like cat toys that make noise, and some cats would prefer cat toys that don’t. Some cat owners want cat toys that their cat will run around with, and some cat owners just want a cat toy to keep the cat occupied for a few minutes.

What To Lookout For In A Cat Toy

Cat Toys

Some cat owners are not aware of what to look for in cat toys. This cat owner made a list of cat toys that are perfect for any cat. Cats usually have cat toys that they can bat, unravel, carry around with them, destroy or hide.

Generally, cat owners are not cat psychologists so it might be hard to find cat toys that will interest your cat. There are cat toys out there for all types of cats including lions, lions, tigers, and…( pajamas?!)(?)

Cats love hiding things so cat toys with catnip are perfect. Catnip makes some cats go nuts! Cats also enjoy catnip in cat toys that can be unraveled, where they can bend wires and string, or catnip in cat toys that your cat can carry around.

Many cats are very fond of catnip but not all cat owners know it because their cat prefers other things to catnip. It’s best to find cat toys that your cat likes without catnip if catnip isn’t one of his or her favorite things.

Cats are also very curious creatures. They enjoy cat toys that are small, furry, or mice-like. Cats will play with cat toys that resemble cat toys they played with when they were kittens. It’s important that cat owners know that the cat toys their cat enjoyed as a kitten might not be cat toys he or she might enjoy as an adult cat.

Cats also love cat toys that they can chase, specifically cat toys that move quickly. Cats like cat toys that they can bat or cat toys that have catnip in them.

How You Can Help Your Cat Be Interested In His or Her Cat Toy

You can make your cat interested in cat toys by not giving up! There are cat toys that will appeal to all cats, but finding the cat toy that appeals to your cat is going to take time and patience. This may mean trying several different cat toys before you find the perfect one for your cat.

This means emptying your pockets and filling them with cat toys until you find cat toys that your cat will love.


I hope you found this article helpful and good luck with cat toy shopping! If your cat is fond of cat toys I recommend trying to get them catnip cat toys, cat scratching posts, or anything with cat treats in it so they can hunt for treasures for hours on end.

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