Tips For New Kitten Care

Tips For New Kitten Care

Proper new kitten care is essential to your cat’s long and healthy life. Many owners neglect their pets, letting them suffer from problems, illness, or injury. We can help you make the right choices for your kitty by giving you some tips on how to care for your kitty.

Catnip poisoning is one of the most common household accidents for kittens. This is because the plant’s leaves contain a chemical that mimics the effects of feline anticoagulants. Cats become addicted to the plant and then unknowingly ingest the feline anti-coagulant when they eat the leaves.

While the plant may be poisonous to humans, it is safe for cats and should be administered to your kitten using a doctor’s prescription or vet’s advice. You must also avoid using the plant if your cat has kidney or liver disease.

Tips For New Kitten Care
Tips For New Kitten Care


Cats are curious by nature and will enjoy exploring everything in their new home. Though many owners provide a litter box, kittens are apt to destroy it. Your new kitten care plan should include a litter box constructed from inexpensive materials. Once the litter box is established, provide it with extra litter so it will not need to use the one in your home.

Make sure that your home is clean and free of hazardous waste materials and that there are no germs or dust mites that could be causing health problems for your kitten. Don’t forget to remove the carpet, rugs, and furnishings from your home to avoid hazards.


Your new kitten care plan should also include teaching your kitty how to walk on a leash. Kittens are extremely agile and running about the house without a leash can cause accidents or the separation of the kitten from its mother. This may also result in illness or death.

If your kitten develops a broken bone or fissured limb, your new kitten care plan should include regular visits to the veterinarian. Your vet will examine your kitten and decide on the best treatment to relieve your kitty of pain.

Your new kitten care plan should also include the purchase of kitten-appropriate clothing and toys for your new kitten. When your new kitten arrives home, encourage your kitty to explore and interact with everything in its new environment, not only making it comfortable but learning to play.


Your kitty’s first few days at home should also be accompanied by a brief introduction to the family. Have a sitter present at all times to keep your kitten safe and secure.

Avoid exposing your kitty to sudden changes in temperature, as these can stress your cat. Make sure that your new kitten care plan includes introducing the family to your home, cats, and dogs. Kittens like to go to places where there is already someone, so learn how to introduce yourself to your new kitten.

Tips For New Kitten Care
Tips For New Kitten Care

The success of your new kitten care plan will depend on your commitment and attention to your kitty. Give your kitty all the attention it needs to feel comfortable and confident in its new environment.

Take good care of your new kitten, and you will reap the rewards in years to come. It is well worth the time and effort.

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