Kitten With Baby: Tips

Tips For Bonding Of Kitten With Baby

When you are the proud owner of a kitten and have a newborn baby at home, you may have an issue at hand. The reason is that you may find it difficult to get bonding with your kitten with the baby. Moreover, there may be many questions bothering you right now. Is your kitten ready to meet your newborn? Is your newborn prepared well enough to have a pet around? After all, leaving the kitten with a baby can be a tricky situation if they are not comfortable with each other.

Tips To Get Bonding Of Your Kitten With Baby

Tips For Bonding Of Kitten With Baby
Tips For Bonding Of Kitten With Baby

Any cat owner would want his or her child to get well along with the cat. However, they need to make efforts to get it done perfectly. In fact, with little guidance, both of them can get accustomed to each other. Well, here are some tips which can help you in establishing great bonding between your kitten and the kid.

Coach Your Kitten To Welcome New Child

It is a myth that cats and babies do not get along. However, you need to make sure that cats at home need to get used to the new member. In fact, prepare your kittens to get used to baby smells and sounds. Give it a blanket which can smell just like a newborn baby. Moreover, you can also play a recording of the baby sounds around your kitten. Also, if you are also thinking of adopting an older child, you should make sure that the pet possesses a safe space for itself, such as a cat tower.

Train Your Child In Art Of Cat Ownership: Perfect Way Of Bonding Of Kitten With Baby

Tips For Bonding Of Kitten With Baby
Tips For Bonding Of Kitten With Baby

If your child is pleading to get a kitten home or you want to have a kitten and baby to get along, you need to make efforts. Firstly, when you are having a cat, make sure that you get a family-friendly cat. Research about the personalities of the cat, whether it is laid back or it gets agitated easily. More often, it is advisable to get a relaxed cat which is at least 3 years old and not just a newborn kitten.

Teach Your Kid To Respect The Pet’s Boundaries

It is better to teach your kid to respect the pet’s boundaries. This will make sure that the kid does not bully or abuse the cat in any way. Teach him or her to get out of the way if the kitten is eating its food. Also, teach him or her to not to disturb the cat if it is seeking some ‘me’ time for itself. Also, set a time when the kitten and the baby can play together. This implies that both will adjust their routine as well to play with each other.

When You Are Expecting A New Born

Pregnant women should avoid any contact with the litterbox of the kitten as it reduces the risk of toxoplasmosis. Though this disease is rarely known among house cats, still there are chances. Thus, if you are expecting a baby, try to take some precautions with the kitten around,

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