Kitten: Things Remain Unknow

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I just brought home a new kitten (Lady) last week. She is 16 weeks old (but looks much older, she’s quite big for her age). So I can tell you what I am learning. Note I haven’t owned a kitten for a very long time. I remember my childhood kitten, and it was all dreamy and wonderful, most probably because my mum and dad were doing all the hard work – haha! Everyone said my childhood kitten was a special cat.

Things Which Remain Unknown After You Bring A Kitten Home
Things Which Remain Unknown After You Bring A Kitten Home

Kitten: Let Us Look At Them

As an aging adult, I just forgot how much energy kittens can have and how much they love to play. I mean, I knew kittens love to play and had energy, but I thought as they played for 15 -20 minutes every few hours and then got plumb tuckered out – wrong!

My kitten can play with me chasing feathers and mouse on a string for over an hour and continues after I have to give up. If they had agility training for cats, she would love it. She jumps from the couch to table, armchair, to bookshelf, to cat-scratcher, to wind-tunnel (oh she loves the wind tunnel, back and forth, back and forth, jumping in and out of the holes). Additionally, she can repeat this routine jumping from each item to the cows come home. She is like a cat kitten on cocaine!

Then finally, I start to see her get tired as she lays on the floor. Ah, relief or no as a minute later, she decides to get her second wind again. She then wants to play hide and seek with me and runs around the house, trying to find me. Rinse and repeat. Did I mention she also had the cat flu on top of it all? In the last two days, I have noticed her energy reducing. She now does sleep quite a few hours during the day (thank god).

Things Which Remain Unknown After You Bring A Kitten Home
Things Which Remain Unknown After You Bring A Kitten Home

Some More Points To Check Out

I also forgot how it takes some time to understand your kitten’s personality and rhythm. Sometimes she’s sooky and affectionate and wanting to be by my side, crying for me, and other times she’s like “meh” doesn’t even acknowledge me. If she’s not feeling like getting patted, there are no purs, no getting up; she will reposition herself.

I also realized it’s all on her terms, she can smother me and get all smoochy, but I can’t smother her. If I do the rest of the arvo, I get ignored. Ah, the psychology behind cats and kittens – lol! It’s a bit of a learning curve. Sometimes I think she has a split personality. I believe in reality, it just she is getting used to me, a new house, as well as growing into her self.

I’ve dealt with mainly adult cats in the last 10–15 years and their personalities are already set in stone and developed, and so you know pretty much who they are. Still, I’m starting to think kittens are in the development stage, and so their personality is changing quite a bit as they learn new things each day.