The Tabby Cat And Their Personality Traits


Who Are The Tabby Cats?

The tabby cat is often subject to common misconceptions by the general folk. While many consider them to be a specific breed, others believe that the term is used for female cats and hence is the opposite of the notorious Tom Cats who, much like the cartoon itself, wreaking havoc wherever they go. Such assumptions are in fact, all wrong because the Tabby Cat is a special kind of cat which can be found across multiple breeds and genders.

Tabby cats refer to any cat, usually domestic, which has a coat that is filled with various kinds of markings. While the most common of such patterns are stripes and lines, there are a considerable number of Tabby cats that feature dots or unique swirl patterns on their coats.

What makes them even more delightful is the fact that they come in a variety of colors like black, brown, grey and a variety of shades in red popularly known as orange marmalade or ginger. Some rare tabby cats may also be blue.

Despite not being a specific cat breed, owners have often detected certain typical traits in tabbies that are not generally found in other cats.

The Tabby Cat And Their Personality Traits
The Tabby Cat And Their Personality Traits

The Tabby Cats Are Best Friend You Can Ever Have!

Most animals who are labeled as “felines” have usually been associated with a detached, aloof air wherein they don’t really care much for human beings and interacting with them as long as they are given food, water, and shelter. Tabby cats are quite the opposite in this regard. They are very close to their families and are usually attached to one specific person who does most of the work related to them like, feeding, bathing and so on. They are quite friendly and very playful which makes them a perfect companion for children in the house. In this sense then, they are no different from popular dog breeds like Labradors, Samoyeds and Golden Retrievers. They are gentle and caring by nature.

The Tabby Cat And Their Personality Traits

The Tabby Cat And Their Personality TraitsT

Tabby Cats Are Always On Their Toes!

Unlike the lazy, laid back nature which is generally associated with the tabby cat, they love being on the move all day long. They are very active and love playing around with anything and everything. Their other favorite activities include rubbing against people’s legs. They also love fiddling with a ball of yarn or simply chasing their tail in indefinite circles. In this way they remain happy and cheerful. Of course, after a long and tiring day of playing around, a tabby’s favorite thing to do is being cuddled while sitting on its owner’s lap (a lot like us!).

Tabby Cats Have Mood Swings

It’s true! The tabby cat may sometimes tend to be moody. They may overreact about the littlest of things. They are primarily happy-go-lucky in attitude. Some of them tend to be fidelity in nature. They also tend to get jealous if a new pet is brought home. But given some time, they almost always adapt and make friends with the newcomer.

Perhaps the most loved tabby cat of all time is Garfield who can keep us in peals of laughter and enjoyment for hours together. In general, they are a great pleasure to be with and enjoy being showered with heavy doses of love and care.

The Tabby Cat And Their Personality Traits

The Tabby Cat And Their Personality TraitsH

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