The Most Popular Black Cat Breeds

black cat breeds

Black cat breeds have been around since the Dark Ages, and they were once very dominant feline species. They were sometimes called “The Invictus Cats”, because they tended to prey on members of their own breed. This led to a dilution of the black gene pool through selection and breeding, and now there are many different varieties that are thought to be the original feline species. Some of these have been proven to have much stronger predatory instincts than their lighter-colored cousins.

Oriental Breed

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The Oriental is the most popular breed today, with its beautiful dark hair and almond-shaped head. Its distinctive features include a double chin, wide cheek patches, and an overall resemblance to the Jaguarundi. This is the oldest known breed of domestic cat, and the genes have been successfully passed down throughout the generations. The Oriental is also very intelligent and is often considered a symbol of good fortune in China.

Although the Chinese had many reasons to eradicate the black cat, it did succeed in preserving some of the variety. It was also reintroduced into the United States after World War II. At this time, many Americans wanted a sleek black cat to replace the sparrow, which had almost completely disappeared. Today there are a number of different varieties from which to choose, including the Burmese and Persian.


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The Bobcat has an imposing physical appearance and is the smallest among black cat breeds. It is a solid black with a short tail and pointed ears. This cat usually weighs between eight and ten pounds and will grow to about twenty pounds after a few years. While many consider the Bobcat to be ugly, it is in fact one of the more attractive black cat breeds. This is largely due to the sleek, elegant look that is associated with the breed.

The Imperial is another attractive black cat breed. It is mid-sized with a body length of about four feet and a tail that are nearly as long as the cat itself. The color is generally gray, and your cat could be blue, brown, cream, or even fawn. This is a cat that will stand up very easily, but is somewhat reserved around other people. It should ideally be socialized at an early age.

American Short Hair

The American Short hair is another appealing cat breed. This cat is half white, half black with silky hair. The hair is usually fine or thin, and it comes in a variety of colors from platinum to chocolate. Some people prefer the somewhat sweet demeanor of the American short hair rather than the strong attitude of some of the other black cats. This cat tends to be very friendly and trusting.

The British Black Cat is also well worth consideration as one of the many black cat breeds available. It is solid built and is the only pure black cat in the world. It is slightly larger than the Bobcat and weighs in the range of fifteen to seventeen pounds. The British Black Cat has dark chocolate colored ears, a double-layered coat, and a head that looks like it has a short fluffy tail. The British Black Cat is not recommended for kids, since it tends to bite. Also, you must have patience in order to properly train this breed, since it has a tendency to scratch furniture.


All of these breeds are wonderful pets. They have their own distinct personalities, and each one of them has its own place in the black cat family. Each of these cats has unique traits, abilities, and behaviors. So you need to research the different breeds in order to choose the best one for your home. Remember that an African black cat is going to be a unique animal, and no two black cats will ever be the same.

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