The Kitten First Few Weeks

The Kittens First Few Weeks At The New Home

Many families prefer to bring a kitten as their pet. Moreover, these furry balls are cozy and entertaining. The first seven to eight months are crucial for the overall growth. Therefore, never detach the baby from its mother during this period. Mother’s milk and comfort ensure a sense of security amongst the kids. Kitten activities and voluntary movements also develop. They learn self-defence techniques and ways of cleaning their bodies. You can monitor the changes in this baby pet after the fourth or fifth week. The calm, sleepy individuals turn to be social personalities. You should always ensure the warmth and comfort of these babies. It requires time to adjust to the new surroundings and family members. Teach and train it for its daily chores.

The Kitten First Few Weeks At The New Home
The Kitten First Few Weeks At The New Home

The fundamental routine of kittens development in the initial weeks are:

Kitten Sleeping Time

A kitten sleeps at least 16 hours in the initial weeks. Moreover, this is essential for the development of voluntary and involuntary functions. The long hours of sleep in the womb continue until they learn to blink. You should create a comfortable bed for the kitten. The kitten bed can be a cardboard box or a lavish basket. Line in the lower layer of the box or basket with soft fabrics. Therefore, ensure proper and regular cleaning of these for kitten’s hygiene. Place the kitten’s bed at a quiet corner of the house, to avoid disturbance. Place the toys and the scratching post near the bed. The sleeping hours will reduce gradually. The increase in voluntary activities will reduce the hours of sleep.

The Regular Schedule

Cats are in general nocturnal creatures; they search for food at night. However, pets learn the routine as per their masters. You can hear sounds of scratching during the night. Moreover, the hearing capability is intense amongst the kittens. Dinner time should be hours before they sleep. You should also include playing and exercise time in the evening. This ensures proper sleep during the night hours. Feed it on time with the essential nutrients for proper development. Avoid overfeeding the cat, and this affects their flexibility and movements.

The Kitten First Few Weeks At The New Home
The Kitten First Few Weeks At The New Home

Kitten Play Time

The friskers are always curious and try to exploring new things. Moreover, the desire to learn and check new things makes them great entertainers. You can buy toys, or make them for your kitten. They can play with a particular object for hours. This is a form of exercise, which strengthens their muscles and preying capabilities. Therefore, offer these with rolls, papers, fibre objects, etc. Avoid plastic toys for the kitten, as many are allergic to it. You should also check for the toys to avoid accidents. The playthings should be competent for the kittens.

Recognizing Familiar Things And Smell

The kitten recognizes the smell and the touch of the family members with time. Moreover, offer proper care and nurture to enhance the sense of security. Kitten’s reflex is strong, and they are flexible in movements.