The Importance Of Cat Wound Care

The Importance Of Cat Wound Care

Your cat can be a true friend, and it’s not necessarily because they are your pets but the way they act. Take cat wound care seriously. Once your cat becomes your best friend, you will find yourself looking out for them like your own child.

Cat wound care requires special handling that is necessary in order to avoid infection. Once your cat has a serious injury, you must take your cat to the vet immediately. The vet will perform basic cat care so that your cat does not succumb to the complications of untreated wounds.

The Importance Of Cat Wound Care
The Importance Of Cat Wound Care


Wound care requires a surgical procedure to remove the affected area and to seal the wound. In a case where the wound is on the face, the surrounding skin must be removed, with stitches being used to close the wound. One problem with this type of wound care is that a local anesthetic is used. It’s not ideal when your cat is more relaxed than a person that is in a hospital.

There are several methods used by veterinarians to seal a cat wound. The first method is called topical anesthesia and involves placing a special cream on the wound. Then, the cream is applied to the wound several times a day, as the doctor’s orders. This type of wound care is effective when used for a short period, but the treatment needs to be continued indefinitely to prevent infections.


A conventional method is to place a needle in the wound and stop the flow of blood, thereby sealing the wound and preventing it from healing. The vet may use a small scope to inject the liquid, which is usually anesthetic, and then stop the blood flow using a bandage.

For dogs, the conventional method involves having the dog wear a splint for some time, while the wounds heal. Since anesthetics are used in this type of wound care, the dog is put into a closed environment, while the wounds heal.

Your cat is also subjected to a surgical procedure called autografting. The vet injects small amounts of animal tissue into the area of the wound. It’s important to be aware that this type of wound care may not be effective on large areas of skin, such as the face or upper torso.

The Importance Of Cat Wound Care
The Importance Of Cat Wound Care


In the absence of a medical condition, this type of surgical procedure will not be helpful in wound care. All forms of cat wound care require a visit to the vet at least once a week. This is a basic responsibility of being a responsible pet owner.

Some veterinarians offer cat wound care as part of their pet clinic services. When a cat is diagnosed with a major wound, there is a post-operative visit to prevent infection. Many pet insurance companies cover the cost of wound care for your cat.

The most common form of pet wound care is when a cat ingests an item such as a feather or a piece of jewelry. Typically, the cat’s mouth is closed for a day or two, while the wound heals.


For an older, healthy cat, a trip to the vet’s office is an experience that is painful cat wound care. But when a cat is injured, the problem must be diagnosed and treated right away. Even the slightest injury can cause extensive damage if it’s not handled properly.

Cat wound care is not hard to do and is just as simple as caring for humans. Most injuries in cats are minor and easily treated with a minimum of pain. But the care you provide your cat should be well taken.

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