Cat A Pill: Different Ways

The Different Ways To Give A Cat A Pill

Cats tend to be excellent pets. Moreover, their friendly and playful nature also makes them the best of the pets as well. However, to ensure that your cats lead a healthy and playful life, you need to take proper care of them. Moreover, cats usually tend to roam about in the neighborhoods. Cat parents find it very difficult to keep confined within the house, unlike dogs or other pets. Therefore quite often, cats fall sick that affects their health seriously. Additionally, in some instances, to also consume certain eatable that affects their health negatively. The cold freezing temperatures also make them sick as well. In such a scenario, cat parents need to provide medicines to the cats immediately. However, you should provide them with medications only prescribed by the vets. But making the cats take the pill is a challenging task. Let us have a look at the various ways to give the Cat A Pill.

The Different Ways To Give A Cat A Pill
The Different Ways To Give A Cat A Pill

Mix The Pill In Their Milk – Ways To Give Cat A Pill

Making your cat take a pill can become tiring and challenging. Therefore you need to adopt smart ways to make them take the pill. Consider mixing their medicine in the milk. However, if the tablet is a hard one and is not soluble, then grind it to a fine powder. Now put that powder into lukewarm milk. Moreover, the lukewarm milk will also shield the smell of the pill from the milk. This is one of the easiest ways of giving the cat a pill.

Add The Pill To Their Food- Ways To Give Cat A Pill

Another way to give the cat a pill is by adding the tablet to their food. However, you need to grind the capsule into a fine powder before adding it to the food. This will ensure that they take medicine without any problem. Additionally, the smell of the food will also shield the scent of the pills if any. However, you need to ensure that you grind the tablet properly into a fine powder so that it does not get stuck into the windpipe of the cat.

The Different Ways To Give A Cat A Pill
The Different Ways To Give A Cat A Pill

Use A Syringe With A Broad Mouth

If the above-mentioned fails and your cat still refrain from taking the pill then use a syringe. However, you need to use a little force to make your cat take the tablet by using the syringe. For doing so, you need to grind the pill into a fine powder and then mix it in lukewarm water. Now with a syringe draw some of the liquid and push it into the mouth of the cat. Moreover, you can also use lukewarm water if you like. However, you must ensure that powder gets completely dissolved into the water or milk.

Swaddle Your Cat

Cats can become quite stubborn while giving them the pill. Therefore to give the cat a pill, you need to swaddle them with a soft blanket. Ease the cat’s head and then place the tablet into the cat’s mouth. Close the cat’s mouth immediately while bringing the head back to the normal position.

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