The Dangers of Oriental Cat Food

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Oriental Shorthair cat food is popular with people who like the taste and texture of canned or dry food. The cat doesn’t have a problem with either one of those choices, but cats that are highly prone to health issues are not good candidates for either. Canned food can contain chemicals, fats, and preservatives that can cause illness in your pet over time. Some may even develop serious health problems as a result of eating canned food. Dry food can also contain various other elements that may be bad for your cat, including arsenic, which is used to kill rats.


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The canned diet is a good choice if you’re trying to control your cat’s weight because the canned food tends to be low in fat. However, it’s not a very good choice for oriental shorthair because the fat can disrupt the respiratory system of your cat. Cats that are overweight tend to have breathing difficulties, and may eventually suffer from emphysema or bronchitis.

Cats that become obese are more likely to suffer from allergies, skin disorders, and even cat diabetes. Oriental cats are small enough not to be affected by the extra weight of extra food, but they still have to manage the amount they consume. If they get too full, they may start to suffer from hunger pangs, which can lead to other health issues like vomiting, diarrhea, or constipation.

Oriental Cat Food

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You might be surprised to learn that the Oriental Cat Food that is most often used in the United States is a mix of meat, vegetables, and fruits. If you’re accustomed to buying canned cat food, you might be amazed to know that this type of food contains no meat. Instead, it contains grains, beans, and various other items that will provide some protein to the diet. But the grains and other ingredients can cause a lack of proper nutrition in your cat, and may even lead to health problems.

The dry cat food that American cat owners purchase is usually filled with preservatives and artificial flavors that were chosen to preserve the food longer. This isn’t always such a bad thing, though. Preservatives can sometimes help extend the shelf life of the cat food, and chemicals can sometimes be beneficial if they’re used in the correct amounts. Oriental cat food also contains a lot of artificial flavorings, as well as hydrogenated oils that give the food a nice, shiny sheen.

But Oriental food is not healthy for cats in general. For one thing, the cats that eat this stuff tend to have problems with bloat, a digestive disorder that causes a gas build-up in the stomach. Bloat can be very dangerous for cats, as it can result in death if not treated promptly. This is because a bloated cat will have a difficult time digesting its food, and will likely become malnourished and weak.

And another problem with canned cat food is the filler, meat byproducts that are typically added. These products are not necessary for good health, and many studies have been done that indicate that they make cats more overweight than they would be if they had just eaten fresh food. To avoid these substances, choose a brand that’s 100% pure meat byproducts, such as Purina for example. This ensures that you’re giving your cat only the very best cat food possible.

Oriental cat food is not the best choice for your cat. However, if you have an indoor cat, it might be a good idea to supplement it with some canned cat food. Make sure, though, that you’re buying the premium kind, as there are plenty of cheaper brands out there that use inferior ingredients and harmful fillers. Your cat deserves nothing but the best food possible, and using something like Oriental food can harm its health instead of providing its nutritional benefits. Take the time to read about the various types of cat food and which ones contain the best nutrients for your pet’s optimal health.

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