The Best Arctic Cat Firecat Accessories

arctic cat firecat accessories

Due to the resignation from his previous self-started enterprise, Polaris Industries, snowmobile pioneer Edgar Hetteen founded Arctic Cat in 1960. Arctic Cat, like Polaris, grew to be a prominent producer of snowmobiles, boats, and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs). Polar Manufacturing was the company’s original name. However, it was shortly changed to Arctic Enterprises. The business produced its first snowmobile in 1960 and launched the Boss Cat series in 1970. 

Many boat manufacturers were purchased to extend the company, including Silver Line, Lund, and Spirit Marine. Arctic Cat, on the other hand, went bankrupt in 1982. A new firm, Arctic, was formed two years later to continue arctic cat firecat accessories. The company successfully preserved the Arctic Cat, and it changed its name to Arctic Cat in 1996. Snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, and side-by-sides are still manufactured by the company.

Hybrid Duo Cam for Cats:

A close up of a cat

The Cat Hybrid Duo Cam system utilizes Martin’s Speed Bearings and stainless steel axles that have been heat-treated and toughened, with advertised IBO speeds ranging from 335-345 fps. Cams are ‘chained’ together so that they move in unison. Martin’s goal with this design is to eliminate all timing concerns. The Martin design terminates each end of the cable on a post situated on the cam, unlike many other cam systems that tether the cables to a static connector. The second wire performs the same function but in the other direction.

Martin’s original String Rook Bumper joins the battle as an officially certified STS String Stopper. The parallel location of the Firecat’s famous Coreflex Tri-Laminated fiberglass limbs is critical in the fight against noise-induced vibration and shock. Manufacturers have discovered that laying their limbs back to attain a parallel posture at full draw provides substantial advantages in reducing shock, vibration, and noise during the shot.

If you put earplugs in my ears for testing to separate what you have heard from what you felt during the shot. All that was felt was a fast ‘bump’ and short-lived vibration. When the earplugs were removed, the Firecat registered ordinary noise levels.

How Do You Pick The Right Firecat Accessories?


If you spend a lot of time dusting and mopping, you might want to invest in some firecat accessories to make your job easier. Here are a few things to think about as you purchase firecat accessories:


Choosing one that will give the best suction while remaining inexpensive is not as simple as it may appear. When selecting Firecat accessories, there are numerous variables to consider. One of these elements is the cost.


Before purchasing new firecat accessories, you should consider the following features. The most modern firecat attachments now have some great functions. For example, the auto firecat accessories function will assist your entire home without requiring any work on your part.


Take the time to find all of your possibilities while learning how to choose arctic cat firecat accessories. This will assist you in determining which model will best suit your requirements. Make sure the store you’re buying from is reputable, especially if you’re shopping online.

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