Take Care of My Cat – A Story About Two Stray Cats and a Mothers Love

take care of my cat

“Sneak around” is the first word that comes to mind about Seo My Cat, a young woman who works at an online bookstore in the small coastal town of Sokcho. Five women from the coastal town of Incheon university graduate from high school and face the same obstacles to maintain their friendship, as adulthood drives them away in separate ways. Hae-Jong (oks Go-won) has a job in the finance industry, while Ji-Young (Bae Doona), once withdrawn due to a family tragedy, now reconnects with her younger sister, Ae-jun (Yoo Min-sook). Maintaining their secrecy, the five continue to meet and discuss their mutual dream of traveling together.

It Appears That There Will Be No Obstacles For The Two – Take Care Of My Cat

A cat sitting on top of a wooden box

At the beginning of their friendship, it appears that there will be no obstacles for the two girls, but as they continue to grow closer, it seems that the distance between them grows wider. When the bookstore manager suspects that the girl with the unusual name, Ae-Jong, may be a foreigner, he invites her to be a guest in his office for an interview. During this visit, the girl suddenly realizes that she has the ability to read and write in both languages. At her interview, the manager questions her about her international experience and in return, she relates her fond memories of her trip to Korea and China. The manager encourages her to take part in the annual International Film Festival in Sokcho, which she does, along with several other hopeful candidates.

Arriving in Sokcho, the group finds that the International Film Festival has been relocated to another port city. They are shocked to find a large audience of foreign film stars and directors, many of whom attempt to con the newly arrived visitors into signing expensive contracts. Not wanting to be caught in such scams, the girl with the unusual name, Ae-Jong, politely declines. Shortly after, she runs off to find her luggage, which has mysteriously reappeared earlier than usual. Finding it, she realizes that it contains not one, but three passport-sized photos of herself and her cat, Si-Jung.

The Girl And Her Five Friends Are Reunited Again

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The following morning, the girl and her five friends are reunited again. The six are sitting together and talking excitedly about their exciting win. When the group returns to their hotel room, they discover that the three passports have disappeared. The girls are equally baffled as to how this happened and decide to investigate. In the meantime, a taxi driver notices the three passports and assumes that the girl and her friends came out of the airport with them. The police are called and the investigation is soon underway.

The next morning, however, the group finds that all their luggage has reappeared. With a little help from some Korean Port City cops, the group identifies the thieves. The officers arrive just in time to catch the thieves red handed, who then manage to run away from the port city. The police officers, too, manage to catch and arrest the thieves, who are returned to the jail within hours. The investigation is now underway to figure out how the six girls managed to leave Korea with three passport-sized pictures.

Several Packages Containing Different Items Of Interest Arrive At The Home

The next day, several packages containing different items of interest arrive at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Park, where they discover that the missing three passports were all headed for the same International Film Festival. Mr. Park suspects that the thieves slipped out of his house through a back door, but with no way of knowing for sure, he puts the idea aside. He and Mrs. Park go shopping, with the shopping trip resulting in them buying two more passport-sized photos. When they return home, they quickly change their minds about the matter and decide to go to the Korean police with the stolen identification papers in tow.

At the trial, the prosecution’s star witness, Kim Tae Hee, makes it clear that the victims were very young, making the five young women up to ten years old in age. The judge then grants their parents a custody agreement, with the parents taking care of the children until they reach the age of eighteen. On the day of the hearing, the parents try to hide from the court-attorney, but he eventually discovers their hiding place. The parents finally reunite, and the court-attorney announces the names of the accused.


Police Detective Ahn Soo of the Korean National Police Force solves the case with ease, and the twins are given thirty days in remand, orava a kop, of their current location. The judge then sentences them to be held in remand until the trial is over. In the meantime, the father of one of the accused girls decides to take care of his daughter, and adopts her as his own ward. On the day of the trial, Ahn arrives just in time to save the hye-joo (the stray cat), who then tells the story of how she was abandoned by her owner, and left to fend for herself in a cruel world…

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