Tabby Cat’s Playtime Needs Special Cat Toys

Tabby Cat’s Playtime Needs Special Cat Toys

Tabby cat or bi-color cat, or for that matter any cat you have, the little fluffy darlings simply deserve the best, isn’t it? As an informed and responsible cat owner will know, playtime for cats are essential in more ways than some might imagine. It does not just keep your cat engaged, but also helps with the development. For a growing cat, playtime is the perfect time to grow up fast. Have you ever noticed how a mother plays with the kittens? And, compare the orphaned or abandoned ones, that has to grow up without playmates and siblings. Yes, you got that right!

Perfect Playtime Toy For Your Tabby Cat Is Here

Before you start thinking that it’s all about just the tabbies, let me tell you, I am simply referring to them because they are among the most common types we generally come across. Did you know tabby isn’t a breed? Exactly! When we talk about tabby cats we refer to the tabby markings on the fur of the cat. The cat’s breed, however, might be anything. But, without further delay, let’s check out this amazing toy. After all, our little feline mates do deserve the treat!

Cat Tunnel Foldable Interactive Toy

Behold this beauty that has made its way straight into the heart of my cat! I came across this amazingly simple yet extremely entertaining cat toy recently and ever since I have bought it, my tabby cat (oh yes, mine’s a tabby!) hardly spends time elsewhere. Though you know cats. They will drop by unannounced and you will suddenly find them craving your attention and love! But, this toy certainly allows me to carry on with my job without having to constantly play with my little one!


There isn’t much ‘specification’ per se. This cat toy is really soft and used two types of fabric – one for the inside of the tunnel and the other one for the outside body. The outside is made of a soft yet durable suede fabric that will survive your cat’s scratching urge to some extent at least! And, the inside is made of 600D oxford cloth. The tunnel also has two peepholes and a fluffy ball, simply to give your cat enough choice of entertainment.

What My Cat Loved About The Cat Tunnel Toy

To begin with, the numerous holes are a definite turn on for cats. They simply love it when they can mix it up with getting in and out, and the tunnel provides just that. Add the fluffy toy to the list and you have the perfect toy for your active fellow.

The other thing that I loved is the inside fabric material. It is fur-free and also has the ability to last quite long, given the fact that most cat toys are mauled within a matter of time!

The foldable design makes it easy to adjust and store. You can easily change the toy’s tunnel shape from a straight one to U-shaped, and you can also fold and store it with ease.

What I Did Not Like

The only thing that struck me is the cost. It looks simple, but it costs a tad too high. Though, if you ask me, I have no regret. However, I will certainly like to pay a little less.


Finally, if my cat is happy, I am happy. And she certainly is elated with this tunnel toy!

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