Special Services By The Cat Care Charlottesville Clinic

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Do you love your cat the most? Are you concerned about your cat and want to consult with the right ones, who can give you good suggestions? It may not be wrong that cats are fascinating companions and special creatures who require special care and handling. Even every cat has a unique personality and behaviors that are perplexing, intriguing, and occasionally unpredictable. Some cat behaviors are so pleasant such as sitting on your lap and purring.

Besides it, sometimes they become aggressive, destructive scratching, and inappropriate elimination that are the most common feline misbehaviors. But all these sorts can be solved if you treat your cat with the right consultations. You can consult veterinarians in Charlottesville to know about all sorts of odd and bad behavior in cats offering the best care for cats. Here we will tell you about some of the special services provided by the cat care Charlottesville clinic.

Preventative Wellness Exams At Cat Care Charlottesville

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In their initial stage, regular examinations are essential to catch any hidden health problems. It will make you able to treat them as efficiently and effectively as possible. Palpation, visual inspection, laboratory testing, and other techniques will help you to determine the exact state of a cat’s current wellness.

Dental Care

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Cats could suffer from gum disease, tooth decay, oral cancer, and rare cat-specific dental ailments such as cat cavities. A cat care Charlottesville clinic can examine your kitten’s mouth to check for disease and implement a plan to provide good oral health.

Flea And Heartworm Prevention

Here they can put your cat on a program of preventative medication from heartworm for which there is no current approved feline treatment. Also, to ward off fleas and ticks that cause skin irritation and transfer serious diseases.

Digital Radiography 

Your cat will get the ease and quickness of the digital radiography at cat care Charlottesville. And you will appreciate the ability of this technology to produce high-definition images without heavy doses of radiation.


You will find the best care in the Charlottesville veterinarian if in case your cat needs surgery. From internal emergency surgery to non-urgent wellness procedures, this clinic can perform a vast range of procedures, such as spaying and neutering.

Pain Management Options

Cats do not like to display the signs of pain, but you do not have to let your kitty suffer in silence. They prescribe some pain management options ranging from medicines to surgery after diagnosing the underlying cause of the pain.

Prescription Diets For Cat

This cat care center carries various brands and flavors of diets to help control weight and reduce food allergies. It also helps with urinary tract disorders, keeps your cat calm, and treats hyperthyroid disease.

Summing Up

Furthermore, you need to choose the right veterinarian for your cat, just as the human medical professional. In addition, a veterinarian cannot be considered a specialist until they have achieved board certification in their respective specialty. We will suggest you go with the cat care Charlottesville clinic as they have certified veterinarians for taking care of your feline.

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