Russian Blue An Attractive

Russian Blue An Attractive Cat Breed

Russian blue is a beautiful cat breed. They are differently coloured from light shimmering silver to a darker, slate grey. There are some qualities as its hallmark like a short, dense coat from several years. They are very cute looking the kitten under the Russian Blue breed is charming and attractive. Here is more about this breed.

Origin Of Russian Blue Cat Breed

They are not created breed they are naturally occurring breed and are native of the port of Arkhangel’s in Russia. They also know as Archangel Blues. Initially, they are from Russian till 1860, after this they spread in the world Via Great Britain and Northern Europe. As this was first spotted outside Russia in 1875 at The Crystal Palace in England. They are known as Arcgangel Cat in England at that time.

The appearance of this cat is beautiful and cute. Some Characteristics Of Russian Blue Breed are

Russian Blue An Attractive Cat Breed
Russian Blue An Attractive Cat Breed

Characteristics Of Russian Blue Breed

They are famous for their intelligence and friendly behaviour. They are calm and tranquil animals. Although you can feel the reserved nature of these cats. You can play with these cats as they are adjustable to open doors and can understand human emotions.

They are not reluctant or give a reflex reaction, but you never know this one come under the exception. You can feel there reserved nature, especially around the strangers.

Although they are calm at time but they can behave aggressively if they get bored. Hence you should provide them with good playtime with toys or playmates.

Cats Activities

They have an excellent memory, especially regarding their toys and favourite visitors or the one they like. They even give you hints when about their mood as if they want to play, they will lead you to the way for their toys.

There are double coat as the second coat is mote soft and delicate compared to the upper coat. The coat feels like softer than that of silk. In adulthood, you can notice some white patches on their coat. They have attractive vivid dark and green eyes.

Usually, these cats are confused with the British Blue Cat Breed. Though there can be some similar traits, they are two different breeds.

Growth Of Russian Blue Cats

They live up to 10 to 20 years, but as we know, the exception is always there, and some can have a life span of about 25 years. By reaching this age, they can show some health issues. So if you are an owner of an old Russian blue cat that uses should keep a check on their health. Differentiating between male and female is quite easy as their size is different. Males are larger than females.

Russian Blue An Attractive Cat Breed
Russian Blue An Attractive Cat Breed

Allergies Commonly Noticed In Cats

They can get some mild to moderate allergies. As they do not possess any severe allergy. Glycoprotein is the primary source or reason f the allergies. Though you should keep a regular and proper check on the food containing glycoprotein to protect your cat from allergies.

 This breed of cat is beautiful and attention-grabbing though it is the native of Russia but can be found in almost every place of the world.

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