Purina Cat Food – Why They Are Superior to All Others

purina cat food

Purina cat food is a well-known brand that offers both dry and wet cat foods. The majority of the company’s products are vegetarian but cat food for dogs is also available. As a veterinarian, and without any underlying medical conditions, would recommend that you feed both wet and dry diets to your cats; i.e. around 75% of their total diet should be wet cat food, while the rest of the ingredients should be dry cat food.

When we refer to dry food, this simply means that it is food manufactured with ‘no additives’, ‘no preservatives’, or ‘no nutrients’ included. If your cat is healthy, he should not consume any by-products from his food. In order to be completely safe, ensure that all the ingredients are completely balanced; i.e. if one ingredient has a slight amino acid content, the entire diet should contain at least a proportion of that ingredient. Even though it may sound counter-intuitive, cats actually tend to prefer protein sources such as fish and chicken to meat products.

An Overview

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However, there are a few exceptions to this general rule, especially when it comes to commercial cat foods. Some vets argue that there is not enough protein in dry pet food to give your cat the adequate amounts needed for optimal health. And although it is true that most veterinarians discourage feeding cats exclusively with commercially prepared pet foods, many still believe in the effectiveness of wet food, particularly for older cats. So, how does one go about selecting the best brand?

The United States food industry is largely based upon name brand quality, so this tends to affect the prices, as well as the availability of various ingredients. As a result, a pet owner in the United States is typically required to purchase these same brands in order to be able to feed their animal properly. Pet food companies are very aware of this fact, and this has led to an increased number of brands over the last several years. However, only some of these brands have been independently verified to provide a higher quality of nutrition than the traditional food products sold in the United States.

Purina Cat Foods

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Purina, together with Dymatize and TLC, is one of the most trusted names in dry and canned pet foods. This company also provides a line of cat foods targeted specifically for cats with urinary issues. This includes a line of specially formulated diet for cats with urinary issues – which is essentially a blend of the best ingredients and the most effective dosage of ingredients that can effectively treat cats with urinary issues. Purina’s own Cat Food Express line of food is also popular among cat owners, as it uses high-quality ingredients and pays careful attention to detail in manufacturing its products.

As you may be aware, the pet food industry is controlled by very powerful lobby groups. They have spent millions of dollars opposing efforts to regulate the food industry, and they spent even more money opposing the recall of Purina’s “I love you” cat food product. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has also been under constant pressure from these groups, and numerous times, the FDA has been forced to withdraw its enforcement of regulations concerning pet food products. The result is that tens of thousands of pet owners have had their pets harmed due to these organizations’ refusal to take basic safety precautions.

The ingredients that go into the best pet foods in the United States need to meet very strict guidelines. Every ingredient used must be approved by the FDA, and any ingredient found to be harmful or unhealthy has to be removed. Purina, like many other top pet food companies, has a very detailed pet food ingredient list that you can access online. It lists each individual ingredient, as well as the concentration level of each ingredient. The concentration level is important because it increases the risk that your cat will develop an adverse reaction to a specific ingredient.

Bottom Line

If you want to provide the best pet foods for your cats, then you need to remember that the ingredients included in the majority of pet foods sold on the market are simply not good for cats. While there may be some exceptions, Purina is one of the few brands that do not use harmful chemicals, but only natural ingredients that are highly beneficial to cats. These natural ingredients, along with a number of other high quality natural ingredients, improve the overall health and welfare of your cat, while reducing the risk of developing food poisoning or other serious problems. You would be amazed at how much difference it makes when you start providing your cat with the highest quality pet food products. I think you will agree, after just a few weeks of giving your cat Purina cat food!

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