Proper environment for Newborn Kittens

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A newborn kitten requires a particular environment for adapting and growing a healthy cat. If your cat has just delivered babies, it is the right place to look. We have formulated a helpful guide that will help you to take care of the newborns with ease.

Since the newborns are very fragile and like to cuddle, the first thing you need is the right size of the box where you can place the newborns and their mother for better care. The table should be very spacious, and all the kittens and their mom should be able to live in the box comfortably. Since the first few weeks of the kittens are very crucial, you need to take care of the babies with the best environment changes.

Give Them Warmth

The newborns are very comfortable when they are given warmth like it was when they were in their mother’s womb. To make things better for them, you can change the temperature settings of the space where you have placed the box. For better care, you can put some heating pads or hot water bottles in their box so that they can cuddle in warmth. Make sure you cover the heating pads or water bottle with the towel to prevent the accidents. Give them space if they want to be away from the warming pads for some time.

Give Them Environment And Emotional Development

The early stage of newborn kittens is essential. Hence, it would help if you kept all the kittens in a single box with their mother. They must interact with each other and adapt to their surroundings. Do not separate the babies from each other and their mother. The early-stage development with each other will help them grow and create a better emotional attachment for each other.

Proper Environment for Newborn Kittens

Give Them Privacy

Having a box full of kittens at home can be overwhelming for everyone. But you must understand that this world is new for the newborns. You must give them privacy and should not try to touch them unnecessarily. They need to be left alone with their mother. The wild cats seek solitude to raise their newborns, so they are safe. They need a reliable and proper place to feed and grow properly.

Clean Environment

Baby kittens cannot go the bathroom to their own. They get stimuli when their mother licks them with her tongue. However, to keep them clean and free from diseases, you will have to keep the box and space clean for them. Make a habit of changing the lining in the box so that they are clean and healthy. You can also make the bottom of the box removable so that cleaning is easy for you. Use the sheets and removable lining for the box, so that the smelly and gross environment can be cleaned up pretty soon.

Proper Environment for Newborn Kittens

There is nothing unusual to see a box full of cute kittens in the house. But it would help if you took off these little balls of furs like your own. Grooms, give them proper care and medication and lots of cuddling.

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