Outdoor Cat Care – How To Take Care of Outdoor Cats

Outdoor Cat Care

It has been estimated that 70% of 95.6 million pet cats in the United States live indoors, but millions of these pets are still allowed to go outside most often. This decision has in one way or the other made them face some certain dangers that would have been averted should these cats are made to be inside. Some likely dangers faced by these cats include car accidents, predators, infectious diseases, poison, e.t.c.

This is one of many reasons indoor cats live longer than their outdoor counterpart; they are just too vulnerable. Even professionals have advised that a cat’s movement should be limited indoors except there is a need to let it go outside. According to Ariel Mosenco, University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, “you only let your cat outside if the environment is restricted, as in fenced.”

But don’t get too overwhelmed by the fencing, it just means that you should be on the watch when they are outside. There are advantages those cats outside have over those that are always indoors, some of them include, exposing the cat to some social activities, exercise, decreased boredom, e.t.c. Though it is recommended that cats should be let to go out often, it is your responsibility to watch over them to make sure they are not hurt. Below, we have listed some outdoor cat care precautions you need to take note of.

5 Recommended ways to Keep your Outdoor Cat Safe

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If you live in a humane environment, it is advised that you have your cat chipped, it is a perfect way to track their movement. There are different types of chips you can use on your cat, all you need do is to attach it to the belt. Some are software-oriented – you can only track it using your phone.


Veterinarians have suggested that cat owners should never allow the cat outside without claws. This is because they may feel vulnerable when attacked by dogs or other cats. And they cannot even escape predators by climbing the tree which is even riskier.


Your outdoor cat care may not be complete if you let your cat out without being vaccinated. Veterinary doctors have recommended that outdoor cats should be given extra vaccination like the feline leukemia vaccine and the rest, depending on the part of the world you live in.


Cats that are not fixed are more likely to go astray when they are away from home. It increases the possibility of being hit by a car. So to avoid this, make sure you neuter or spay your cat after (or before) 5 months.


You must monitor what your cat eats especially when they are outside. To avoid making them eat anything they see, always have food and water outside just in case. And while preparing this meal, don’t forget to enough calories to their diets, especially during winter periods. This is because cats need more calories during winter than summertime.

Finally, it is good to allow your cat to stroll out of the house once a while, you just have to make sure that your outdoor cat care is done accordingly.

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