Old Cat Care Tips For Your Elderly Feline Pet

Old Cat Care

All proud cat owners, most of the time, feel extremely anxious for the wellbeing of their mushy bundle of joy and feel extremely confused and anxious about how to take care of their dear pet efficiently to ensure their maximum wellness and happiness. Lack of proper guidelines on the topic as well as contradictory opinions and guidelines about the same over the internet or information gained through acquaintances elevate the problem even more.

Various Ways To Cater To The Needs Of Elderly Feline Pet

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To solve this crucial problem, here are some list of authentic guidelines that one should follow to take care of their pet cat most efficiently-

Regular Communication With A Personal Veterinary Doctor

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One should maintain regular communication with the cat’s veterinary doctor even when the cat is in perfectly healthy condition. Regular communication with the doctor would enable the doctor to understand the trends and patterns of your cat, which would aid him in detecting the slightest change in the cat’s behavior patterns or habits which may be a sign of serious illness, preventing illness or at least arresting illness at the earlier stages in the process.

Making The Journey To Visit The Veterinary Doctor Comfortable For Your Pet

One should aim at reducing the journey to vets for the cat as much as possible by arranging a comfortable, cozy, and soft carrier for the cat in the car.

Leaving the house plenty of time before the appointment time to ensure that both the cat and owner are calm and travel with an unhurried pace.

Minutely Attending To Cats’ Regular Habits And Try To Detect A Change In Patterns, If Any

As a cat owner, one must always attend to minute details of their cat’s habits such as sleeping patterns, the quantity of food intake, playtime, etc. Any slight changes in any of these areas can be attributed to some signs of illness.

If a cat slows down and is less playful, it may be a sign of diseases like arthritis, hypothyroidism, diabetes, etc. and should be taken into notice immediately.

Sudden Weight Gain Or Weight Loss

Sudden changes in weight such as unplanned weight gain or weight loss can be a sign of serious illness such as hyperthyroidism, gastrointestinal problems, etc. hence monitoring the weight of our pet regular is the best way to detect changes in it.

Regular Monitoring Of Urine And Stool Of Your Pet

Regular monitoring urine and stool of your cat is essential because changes in the quantity of urine or stool or changes in stool or urine color or quality can indicate a wide range of minor to major diseases starting from constipation to diabetes or kidney diseases.

Bonding With Your Pets

Bonding with older cats is essential as they require much more love, comfort, and security to feel secure and happy. One must actively pet, play with their pets, and interact with them to keep them happy and fit.


The above-mentioned steps, to sum up, will be greatly beneficial for taking care of feline pets.

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