New Kitten’s First Few Weeks


Your new kitten’s first few weeks at home will generally consist of play and sleep sessions. You will have to work on making her social by introducing her to the other members of the family. Give her some time to adjust while observing her.

Also, you should teach the family members the right way of holding her and picking her up. Try being gentle to your new kitty, especially when you are correcting her mistakes. Remember, your kitty requires plenty of love and personal attention to adjust in the home environment.

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New Kitten's First Few Weeks At Home
New Kitten’s First Few Weeks At Home

New Kitten’s First Playing Sessions

Since the kitten is new to the household, it is quite likely for her to be playful, curious, and active. She will be filled with life making it difficult for you to comprehend whether she is aggressive or playful. She might stalk and pounce papers or unsuspecting toys. There is absolutely nothing to get worried about this. She is merely working out her predatory instincts, amusingly, and harmlessly.

Make sure to offer her a lot of appropriate toys that she is busy acting out instead of human beings. You can provide her with ping-pong balls, fishing toys, and paper for enhancing playtime. However, avoid toys that shred or shatter and the ones that can easily be swallowed.

Never offer your feet, fingers, clothing, and hands as playthings. Doing this might make way for aggressive behavior in your kitty. Sticking to safe toys is the key to making play sessions fun and exciting.

First Sleeping Sessions Of Kitten

New kittens are quite likely to sleep for more than 16 hours during the day. Therefore, make sure to come up with a comfortable sleeping venue for your kitty’s slumber. Allot one corner of the house as the kitty’s corner. This will be the place to unwind and relax. Make sure the area is quiet, warm, and uncrowded.

Place your kitty’s bed in this area along with her toys. While doing this, keep in mind that cats might take time to adjust with their surroundings. So, do not be surprised or impatient if your kitty does not get comfortable with the venue instantly. She will take time and adapt eventually.

New Kitten's First Few Weeks At Home
New Kitten’s First Few Weeks At Home

Your Kitten’s Meet-UP With The Kids

Children are quite excited about meeting new kittens. You should introduce the young kids in your home to the kitty straight away. Gentle playing and frequent handling are necessary but make the kids understand that the kitten is a living creature. She can be compassionate, as well.

Help the kids learn the right way of holding her and picking her up. The kitten should never be picked up by scuffing her legs or neck. Also, children should learn to avoid pulling her ears or tail. Poking or squeezing her should also not be allowed. Children should not make threatening or loud noises when the kitten is indoors. Overall, your new kitten should feel safe and secure in your home. So, make the right arrangements for her.

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