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Pets can be the best companions one can have. There are as many different types of people as there are pets. One of the most common pets is the cat. There are millions of cat lovers all around the world. No matter how much they care for their pets or love them sometimes it’s not in the hands of people to treat every ailment of their cats or to understand them as an expert, especially for new owners. Thus, at some point, people want expert vets and expert treatments. If you are also looking for experts for your cats read it to the end.

The experts for your cats and a true caretaker for them who will listen to you and treat your cats as their own are:

New England Cat Care

It has been a proud server of New Haven County since 1998. They have experts for caring and treating cats. It is located in Woodbridge, CT. It was the vision of Dr Richter and Dr Arcuri, the husband and wife team to develop a veterinarian’s office that would be much more than the general rushed appointments and medicines.

186 Amity Road Woodbridge, CT 0652

Their Expertise

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The team’s approach towards the treatment of the cats is not about just brushing off the issue and dealing with it as fast as it can be, rather understand that every cat is unique and how much importance it holds in the life of their owners. They recognise that small issues if remained poorly treated or untreated can transform into difficult to handle, kinds of situations. They also provide the best tools to care for the pets. They promise their clients to provide the best cure for the pets.

The Team

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The team includes

John G. Richter, Jr., RPh, VMD

Adrianna Arcuri, MS, VMD

Danielle Crawford, MFA

They Provide:

They provide many types of service such as

Wellness service: They provide a nose to tail check up for a better health of your cats. They provide a quiet environment which is helpful for the treatment at a gentle and slow pace to avoid any kind of unnecessary stress. They take their time to avoid the cats to get frightened and give a thorough examination. Also, they have a pheromone air diffuser that allows the cats to relax.

The wellness service includes:

Annual and Semi-Annual Exams


Faecal Screening

Preventative Care Diagnostics

In-Office Dental Cleanings and Bartonella Screening


Behaviour Consults

Internal medicine: it is the foundation of New England Cat Care. they are the best for managing cat’s diseases. Also, the new clients contact them for a second opinion regarding their cat’s illness. Their policy is to provide education about handling cats with chronic illness.

Common health issues that are treated by them are

Urinary & FLUTD

Kidney disease

Gastro-Intestinal Disorder (IBD)

High Blood Pressure

Skin Problems

Surgery: They perform the highest standard of feline surgery for cats along with complete physical examination with preoperative diagnostics to monitor for health problems that can get seriously complicated by anaesthesia. The surgery takes place in the presence of both the doctors and the technician to monitor vitals.

Kitten Care:

Adult Care

Senior Care

The Practice Hours

The practice hours for New England Cat Care are as follow

Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 5 pm

Phone Service M-Th 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Phone Service Fri 8:30 am – 4 pm

TEMPORARY COVID HOURS: Mon-Fri 9 am – 4 pm

For Emergency or After-hours care, it is suggested to contact the local pet emergency room.

186 Amity Road Woodbridge, CT 06525

023-387- MEOW (6369)

How to contact New England Cat Care?

One can contact the New England Cat Care in the following ways

TEL- 023-387- 6369


Address: 186 Amity Road Woodbridge, CT 06525

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