Myths About Kittens

The decision of adding a pet, especially a kitten is exciting. This decision can never go wrong. The kitten to a family is so fun to have. It will be quite surprising for you to take care of the kitten. Especially if you are new to the whole concept of pets. Some of the myths about kittens are given below. Have a careful look at it. This will help you to differentiate. The difference between reality and friction.

However, there are many confusions regarding a kitten. There exists misinformation about petting a kitten. So, if you are planning to adopt a kitten. Then you need to know about the real facts. And get your ears away from all the friction.

Myths About Kittens: 5 Myths
Myths About Kittens: 5 Myths

Myth 1: Kittens Are Low-Maintenance Pets

In the actual case scenario, the kitten is not always low on maintenance. They need more care and attention. This will help them to live healthy and happy.

Exercises, activities and full-time entertainment. These will enrich the living of your kitten. However, it becomes difficult to always be creative. In order to keep the pet entertained.

If you have a single kitten then they become more naughty. It becomes quite a task to manage them.

Myth 2: Kittens Love Milk

Milk cannot be an ideal snack for kittens. However, small quantities of it are safe. It is safe if they lick ice cream or yoghurt from your bowl. It becomes unsafe when they have to lick the bowl full of milk.

This causes chances of diarrhoea and gas problems for the kitten. Also, a bowl of milk is not enough in just nutrient content.

As the kitten gets older, it becomes difficult for them to digest. This is becoming they are somewhat lactose intolerant.

Myths About Kittens: 5 Myths
Myths About Kittens: 5 Myths

Myth About Kittens-3: Cats Can’t Be Trained

To your surprise, kittens can be trained. However, for a successful training reward your cat. You need to simply indulge in reward behaviours. This will help the cat to be trainable in nature.

Start the regime early. Notice their actions and what they like. Their behaviours and source of motivation should be watched. This will be a guideline for your reward behaviour.

Myth 4: Indoor Kittens Need No Vaccination

All the cats benefit from vaccinations. It is important especially for the kittens who are growing up. There can be situations where your kitten may catch some disease. In spite of being indoors, they are exposed to several infections. This is the reason even being indoors they need vaccination. For not only their safety and well being but yours too.

Myths About Kittens-5: Kittens Should Be Allowed To Explore The World

If your kitten is never exposed to the outside world. Then it will want to go outside. This will develop deep inquisitiveness and curiosity. To know and explore the world around them. Many are not aware of the things around them. It can be quite dangerous for them to be alone.
Thus, keeping these myths in mind you can easily believe in reality.

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