My Most Expensive Kitten Breed Pet

My Most Expensive Kitten Breed Pet

I’m going to share with you a story about the most expensive kitten breed that I have ever seen. It’s amazing, but it was true!

A six-year-old girl and her friend have attended a convention and there were some fancy cat fashions. One girl dressed up as a cat and brought home this beautiful little thing and named her Foxy!

Expensive Kitten Breed

My Most Expensive Kitten Breed Pet

I’ve seen foxes before but this was like nothing I’d ever seen. She kept calling her foxy every minute or so, just because she loved the name. I don’t know how she got her coat but she must have tied it around herself. When Foxy arrived at her home she was so excited.

She was so excited she decided she would name her precious jewel. I bet she knew I would find out soon. My brother lives next door and he keeps his windows open so I can hear all the foot traffic when he goes to work. I knew it was Foxy in the windows! She spends all day on the computer waiting for him to come home from work and then goes outside to play.

Tips For Take-Care

I asked her mom what kind of kitten she had but she wouldn’t answer. I told her to call me when Foxy got here. Foxy arrived and it was the cutest thing.

I looked over at Foxy and she had about four tiny, cute little kittens. I can’t imagine what she had to feed all those little kittens, but it must have been lots of milk. She had a litter of about eight kittens. I noticed they all had different colors and it made them all so cute.

I was curious to know if one of them belonged to her mom. They all did. They all came from a friend of her mom and she adopted them when she was sick and couldn’t take care of them. She decided to adopt them all and she named each one after her favorite movie star.

I asked Foxy about the rest of the kittens. She said she wanted to see them but she couldn’t go back home to see all of them. I couldn’t believe it, but it turned out she brought four kittens with her. We found out from a friend of mine that these were one of the cutest little kittens she had ever seen.

The three older kittens were nearly as cute as her adorable little cat. I asked her mom why she didn’t take them home right away, why not take the one who was the oldest. I didn’t think the other two could look any cuter.


2-Sided Professional Pet Hair Brush
2-Sided Professional Pet Hair Brush

Her mom told me they are as cute little kittens as the other three and they love to play. Foxy liked playing with them and when I told her she had a sister, she was jealous. The owner can go for the product that can help in this purpose.

I’m so glad that I got to see this cute kitten. She doesn’t know I have her and it doesn’t matter, it will always be my sister.

You should visit her too if you have a pretty kitten and want to save it from being killed. I hope you find your cute little kitty!

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