Mistakes You Should Avoid While Brushing Your Cat


Brushing your cat on a daily basis is extremely necessary for grooming your cat. But it is not a simple task. If you are a new cat owner, then you should know that brushing your cat can sometimes affect its health adversely if you make some mistakes. For instance, if you are cleaning your cat for two minutes straight and have not seen any hair that came off. You are then doing it wrong. Moreover, when you brush your cat, he/she should enjoy it. When it’s feeling irritated, something is not right in what you are doing. Therefore, there are lots of things you need to keep in mind while brushing your cat.

Although the task is a little bit hectic, you cannot ignore it because brushing your cat in a proper way is good for its health.

Mistakes You Should Avoid While Brushing Your Cat
Mistakes You Should Avoid While Brushing Your Cat

Why Brushing Your Cat Is Important?

When you brush your cat regularly, then you can get rid of fleas and worms from its body. This activity also stimulates the blood circulation level of your cat. In addition, brushing your cat on a regular basis will help you to keep his/her hair smoother and softer.

These Are The Four Common Mistakes Which You Must Avoid While Brushing Your Cat

You Do Not Give Enough Time While Brushing Your Cat

When you brush your cat, you give one or two minutes and then leave. You think this time is enough because you see the whole day your cat grooming its own hair by licking and all. However, here I suppose you might be wrong. Is it possible for a cat to look after its entire body hair? No. Therefore, you should at least give 10 to 15 minutes daily to nourish the hair of your cat. Moreover, if your cat has long hair, then you should do it twice a day.

Mistakes You Should Avoid While Brushing Your Cat
Mistakes You Should Avoid While Brushing Your Cat

Some Time You Use Wrong Brush While Brushing Your Cat

You have to choose the size, shape, and edge of the brush, according to your cat hair length and its condition. So, if you do not have an idea, then you must visit a veterinary doctor and consult with him. Using the wrong brush cannot only hamper the condition of your cat hair but it may also give some injuries to your cat’s skin.

Brush Slowly When brushing Against The Direction Of the Fur

Many people tell you that you should brush your cat fur against its direction. Yes, it is a good idea, but you should not go fast. Brush slowly, or else, many hairs will come off from your cat’s body.

These are the common mistake every cat owner do. Hence, if you are a new cat owner and you have a kitten, you must start avoiding these mistakes.

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