List Of Most-Loved Short Hair Cat Breeds

A close up of a cat with green eyes

If you are looking for a cat that requires less maintenance or if you are a lazy but diehard pet lover, a short-haired cat may be the perfect option at your convenience because you don’t have to do daily grooming, and because of short feathers, it would be much hygienic.

There are some excellent breeds of shorthair cats given below; 

1. Bombay cat – 

A cat sitting on a table

      Size- medium.

      Males weighing 8 to 11 pounds 

      Females weighing 6 to 9 pounds 

      Hairs- short 

      Colour- black 

 The Bombay cat is an energetic and easy to maintain cat. She will gain your attention at your residence. With you and your family, She will be so friendly, and you will surely like her voice and adore ness.

  Lifespan- 12 to 16 years  

Characteristics – aside from her black hair, she makes a similar look as Burmese. She has a long and big body and longer legs. Her rounded head is straight and wide. She has medium-sized ears and a tail.

2. American Curl Cat Breed –

A close up of a cat

       Size- small to medium.

       Males weighing 7 to 10 pounds 

       Females weighing 5 to 8 pounds 

       Hairs- short or semi-long

       Colour- White, black, cream, chocolate, silver, golden, various patterns and shadings 

   American curl cat is a symbol of happiness and excitement. Her unique ears and curly back make anybody happy. American Curls are known as the Peter Pan of cats because they retain their kitten-like personality throughout life. 

  Lifespan- 13+ years 

 Characteristics-  The American curl cat has unique curled ears from a beautiful curve giving her an adorable and cute expression. Curls are silky, flat feathers which can be long or short.

3. British Shorthair Cat Breed –

      Size- medium to large 

      Males weighing 12 to 18 pounds 

      Females weighing 9 to 12 pounds 

      Hairs- short and dense 

      Colour- Blue, white, black, cream, smoke, silver and golden, a variety of patterns and shadings

  The British shorthair cats are friendly and easy to owning cats. They follow you to each of your places from curiosity. They are not lapping cats but enjoy being close from next to people. 

 Lifespan- 12 to 17 years 

 Characteristics- these are the oval-shaped cats with a wide chest and strong legs. Their feathers are short and thick. Eye color depend upon their hair color. But usually, blues cats have golden eyes, and others may have a range from golden to copper.

4. Burmese Cat-


       Males weighing from 8 to 12 pounds 

       Females weighing from 6 to 10 pounds 

       Hairs- short 

       Colour- Sable, champagne, blue, platinum

 The Burmese cat makes companionship with humans and other relative cats. She has a softer and sweeter voice and enjoys conversation with their owners. 

  Lifespan- 10 to 16 years 

Characteristics- Burmese cats consist of a solid and muscular body with a circle-shaped head. They have impressive eyes and medium-sized ears with rounded tips tilted forwardly. 

So, these are the top short hair cat breeds for all cat lovers. Go and get the cutest one for yourself.

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