Learn About Your Kitten’s Behavior

Learn About Your Kitten's Behavior

Kittens behave differently from adults, and you should know how to deal with them. They do not get used to living in the house until they are about three months old. If you own one, it is essential to learn about your kitten’s behavior.

How Will Your Kitten Behave Until 7th Week?

A kitten cannot be trained easily. It is a habit that has to be learned with time. Kittens can also get into everything in the house and can possibly get themselves hurt. It is not fair to leave them unattended for long periods.

Learn About Your Kitten's Behavior
Learn About Your Kitten’s Behavior

Kittens learn to get familiar with sounds. By the fourth week, their sense of hearing is well-developed and the sense of smell is fully mature. Their teeth also start to come in. During this time, they will learn to chew on things that you would never expect them to chew on. If you have a kitten and your dishwasher is full of dirty dishes, you will notice that the cat will eat almost any of the leftover food. Kittens also like to eat if they happen to find something in the trash.

By the seventh week, you will notice a new kitten’s behavior, such as adult sleeping patterns in them. During this time, your four-legged friend will also start to interact socially.

From 7th Week To 18 Months

Most basic kitten behavior should be pretty easy to deal with, especially as they get older. As kittens start to get older, they want more play, run, and explore so that they will be around you a lot. The basic way to train a kitten during this time is to play with toys and to repeat what you tell her.

Your kitten can do a lot of things when it comes to playing. You can indulge him in object play, such as holding, pawing, scooping, and tossing. Talking about social play, your kitten will engage in licking, hugging, belly-ups, and ambushing. Remember, kittens are always playful, and this can be very frustrating for you if you don’t get them doing it correctly.

During the 3rd to 6th months, kittens are extremely influenced by litter. They are instinctive animals and will not like the smell of cat litter. During this time, they start to get along well with their favorite humans. By the time they are 18th month old, they start experiencing sexual behaviors.

Learn About Your Kitten's Behavior
Learn About Your Kitten’s Behavior

More About Kitten Behavior

Kitties can be potty trained very easily. To train them efficiently, show them the litter box, and let them examine them at first. Set them immediately as soon as they wake up and also after they had their meals. Make their training success by praising them and rewarding them with a toy or treat after they use the litter box. Remember not to punish them for accidents. If you punish your kitten, you will end up with a frustrating and angry kitten.

These are general traits of kitten behavior, and you are sure to experience most of them as your kitty grows.

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