Kitty’s Development: Effectively


Kitty’s development is quite natural and people too Worrying about this. Your kitty is no less than your child. Take good care of your Kittens that would turn to Cat. As soon as their eyes open, kittens look to their moms and people for cues about how to behave. They will attempt to do something. And then they give you eye contact. It is at this critical time when they are appealing to you for direction, that you should provide guidance.

Kitty's Development: How To Deal With It Effectively
Kitty’s Development: How To Deal With It Effectively

Best Way To Discipline A Kitten: Kitty’s Development

The best way to discipline a kitten is to make a loud “Pssssst” sound when they are doing something you don’t want. It will get their attention. If they don’t stop doing what they are doing, you can physically remove them from the area. Or have a toy handy to throw somewhere to take their attention off what they are not supposed to do. Discipline is an integral part of your kitten upbringing. It depends on consistency and kindness. And it also depends on being there when the activity you don’t want to happen is happening.

As they get older, you can get a squirt bottle if they are doing something wrong and not paying attention. My experience is that when you start saying PSSSSST early on, that will work in the future. But all cats are different. If you have a persistent kitty, this is what you can do:

Persistent Kitty’s Development In Discipline

When they are doing something you don’t want, use the PSSSSST sound. And shake the water bottle. If that doesn’t stop them, a squirt will. Almost immediately, cats and kittens will respond to either the PSSSST sound or the sound of shaking the water bottle. And they will invariably stop what they are doing. I have only had one cat in all my life that ignored to squirt. She is a very intelligent, very determined kitty. However, she does understand but does it anyhow. Most kitties will stop what they are doing and respect your wishes. Very few kitties have to get as far as the water bottle. Almost all kitties will respond to the Pssst sound.

Kitty's Development: How To Deal With It Effectively
Kitty’s Development: How To Deal With It Effectively

Many people are caring for more than 50 cats, and none of them misbehave. They do every thing . Of course, you have to provide them with scratchers and furniture to climb on. Give them toys to play. Provide lots of love and attention as much as you can.

Truth About Kitten management In Nature

The truth is, you will get out of a cat only as much as you put in. If you are gone all day and busy in the evening, you will have an independent, reserved roommate. Kitties want to bond with you; they adore humans; they even exhibit a passion for people. The more you put into your kitty, the more likely it is that you will have a bonding. You can have a loving, and maybe even passionate relationship.

Teach early to listen to you. The kitties will always listen to you. They are born wanting to please their moms and or their humans. They need that direction early on. Guide them to become well-behaved members of your family.

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