Kitten Foods: Feed Of Kittens

First of all, it is essential to feed your kitten with excellent and healthy foods. Here are some suggestions for you that can help you to feed kittens.

What Is The Best Nutrition For Kitten

Kitten has some special requirements for their nutrition. They deserve a complete balanced diet food. If a kitten eats the same food every single day, it will get addicted to the same food, so its better feed kittens with different food every day. It’s natural to have a favorite food, but being addicted to something is not. You can give your kitten food like junior oceans fish, wet meal tuna in jelly, canned cat food, cat grass. A kitten should only be fed by kitten food and not with puppy food or something. There is plenty of kitten food available in the market.

Kitten Food: What Should You Feed Kittens?
Kitten Food: What Should You Feed Kittens?

Where Should You Feed Kitten

It would help if you fed your kitten at good places, which is free from disturbance. You should keep her food and water so close so that she can reach that easily. Don’t change the place where you give your kittens food. Always give her freshwater. Use a mat so that she can sit there properly and eat.

When Should You Feed A Kitten

You should make a time table to feed your kittens and feed her at the same time every day. Call your kitten’s name while you are feeding her. Don’t distract your kittens while she’s eating her food.

How Much You Should Feed Kitten

You should first check how much you kitten able to eat. Then accordingly, you should feed them. Always follow the instructions given on the cat food package. Always measure the food while you are giving.

Kitten Food: What Should You Feed Kittens?
Kitten Food: What Should You Feed Kittens?

Do’s For Kitten Foods

Do’s for feeding your kittens are as follows

  • Always feed your kitten in the same place and at the same time.
  • Feed kitten in a quiet place.
  • Give them food on a clean bowl.
  • If you have two cats, keep their bowls at some distance.
  • Don’t suddenly change her food until it’s necessary because it leads to upset digestion.
  • Even if you are changing her food habit, then slowly decrease the amount of current food and increase the amount of new food.
  • Store the cat food properly.
  • Keep the wet food in the refrigerator, and while giving it, don’t forget to check whether it’s in the room temperature or not.
  • Always allow your kitten to rest at least for an hour after feeding her.

Don’ts For Kitten Foods

Don’t for feeding your kittens are as follows

  • Don’t keep the canned food open for more than 24 hours.
  • Don’t keep the uneaten wet food for more than 20 minutes.
  • Please don’t give your kitten your leftover food because she will get used to it and never eat her food.
  • Please don’t feed your kitten milk because it may lead to upset digestion.
  • You should avoid food like onion and chocolate, which can be toxic for kittens
  • Don’t feed the puppy food to your kitten
  • Don’t feed her bones from chicken, pork or fish
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