Kitten Feeding Tips

Kitten is the cutest thing that is available. But feeding them is not very easy. Though kittens are adorable, they can also be a handful. They tend to hide and even start chasing a fuzz. They also answer nature’s call without giving any warning. If you have a kitten at home, you will realize that most of the time, she is swamped playing with the shoelace. It does not care much about its eating and sleeping. Nutrition is also essential for kittens. So you must know the art of feeding them. It is true that ordinarily, newly born kittens, get all the nutrition from the mother’s milk. But there are times when the mother cat is not able to lactate. It is at this time that these kittens need extra nutrition.

Kitten Feeding Tips - Here Are The Top Seven
Kitten Feeding Tips – Here Are The Top Seven

1. Do not switch from a solid diet to liquid diet immediately because a kitten will take some time to adjust

Once the kitten is about three to four weeks old, you should try feeding it with some kitten food that is thoroughly moistened. They will start nibbling this food. Making this kind of food is not very difficult. All that you have to do is to mix some lukewarm water to three parts of canned kitten food. This mixture should look similar to the oatmeal. After about three to four weeks, you should start reducing the amount of water in the diet and try to feed it the canned food.

2. You, Will, have To Give Some Time To The Kittens To Get Used To The Food 

The kitten might initially jump into the dish. But you will have to remember here that it is a kitchen and so it considers everything to be a toy. So you will have to be patient with the kid. You will also have to keep it dry all the time.

3. Be Careful With The Food Dish

It is also essential for you to keep an eye on the food dish. This way, there will be much lesser chances of food contamination.

Kitten Feeding Tips - Here Are The Top Seven
Kitten Feeding Tips – Here Are The Top Seven

4. Right Amount of Nutrition

It is also essential for you to feed the kitten with the amount of nutrition that it requires. They are growing up continuously. They are even playing regularly. So they will require three to four times the actual protein. Kittens need lots of nutrition as they are steadily growing. They will also need more fat and other nutrients in comparison to adult cats. You must provide your kittens with the food that they need to grow healthy.

5. Continue Giving Them Kitten Food For 12 Months

A kitten would look like adult cats in seven or eight months. But You should continue with the food for at least a year.

6. Look Out For Signs Of Illness

You will also have to be careful in case the kitten is sick. Also, be careful to check if it is losing its appetite.

7. Plenty Of Clean Water

Apart from giving moistened food, you should also provide a lot of clean water to Kitchens.

If you can follow the above tips, you will undoubtedly be able to make the kitten strong and healthy.

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