Kitten Constipation The Causes

Kitten Constipation Causes And Treatments

Kitten often suffers from constipation. The common cause of illness in kittens is dehydration. There are many signs which your cat shows of disease.

Though dehydration is the most common reason for constipation, there is much other reason behind it. This can be the issue related to diabetes, kidney disease, and hyperthyroidism and ruptured or infected anal sacs.

Since t can be seen at any age but more often in the mid-age or old ages male cat, obesity is also one of the common reasons behind constipation.

Kitten Constipation Causes And Treatments
Kitten Constipation Causes And Treatments

Symptoms Of Kitten Constipation

If your kitten has not gone for the toilet for 48 to 72 hour and not produced any stool for long that this is an issue to look after. You should start to keep a check on your kitten. There as many other sings apart from stool like

Loss of appetite



Hence their body is not functioning correctly; you can find them screaming and crying at times. Especially they will face problem during stool and may cry also.

Kitten Constipation Causes And Treatments
Kitten Constipation Causes And Treatments

Causes For The Kitten Constipation

Here are some causes of the kitten constipation.

Dehydration A Common Cause

Though dehydration is the most common cause of constipation. Usually, dehydration is caused when your kitten only has dry food and drink no or less amount of water.

Eaten Something Wrong

Eating habit can also lead to constipation. As your kitten may have something which has risen this problem. Hence this includes some home items as well like ribbon, floss, hair ties, and so on. So keep an eye over what your kitten is eating.

Age Factor Is Also Responsible

Though this is not found at every age but is also possible to suffer constipation under some circumstances. Although at middle age or old age this problem is common and can occur frequently. Since you can avoid this problem by taking little extra care of your kitten.

Treatment For The Kitten Constipation

If the constipation problem is little and your cat is doing well with their normal activities, then only you can try the below-suggested treatments.

Increase the fluid intake of your kitten. It will cure the dehydration problem if your kitten is suffering with it.

Make your kitten more around to stimulate normal intestine activities though you can also run the belly of your kitten.

Increase the amount of fiber in your kitten diet though fiber is an excellent remedy to cure constipation. You can add some canned pumpkin as they will help to heal your kitten constipation.

But if the problem is not easy to handle and our kitten is suffering a lot, then you should consult a specialist. Hence they make require the veterinary attention to getting rid of the suffering.

Kitten Constipation Causes And Treatments
Kitten Constipation Causes And Treatments

 At veterinary, they may provide your kitten an injection to cure the dehydration. Although if the problem is severe, they can do X-ray or provide proper treatment t cure your kitten.

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