Kitten Care: Tips Taking Care

Kitten Care: Must-Know Tips For Taking Care Of Kittens

All the kitten owners must know how to take care of their kittens. An extra concern is necessary for the kitten’s proper growth and well-being. Bringing up children is, however, more comfortable than bring up kittens. Kittens are high-maintenance animals and therefore require more lookouts. The kitten owners must, therefore, learn some tips to take proper care of them. Here are a few ways they can look out at them properly.

Kitten Care: Must-Know Tips For Taking Care Of Kittens

Kitten Care: Don’t Treat Them As Adult Kitten

Kittens have requirements that are quite different from adult cats. An owner must, therefore, treat them like a child. Kittens also have various stages of development that an owner must know.

Below eight weeks- at this age, let the kitten be with her mother and siblings. At this age, they can hardly regulate their body temperature; therefore, they can scarcely keep themselves warm. They also take time to develop leg coordination and vision. At this age, therefore, owners must bottle feed them and help them to poop and pee. Also, use warm clothes to keep them cozy.

Eight to eleven weeks- at this age, owners must feed their kittens with protein-rich and digestible food. At this age, kittens also start exploring, playing, running, and even jumping. At this time, therefore, the kittens must have a safe environment to play.

Kitten Care At Two Months And beyond

Two to four months old- at this age, kittens grow rapidly and also have three times more energy than before. They will consume at least four meals every day that must be rich in protein.

Four to six months of age- at this age, kittens become adolescents and therefore become sexually mature. An owner must, therefore, visit a veterinarian to avoid unpleasant habits and accidental litters.

Reward The Kitten And Make It Socialize

Make the kitten use the litter box by placing her in the litter box after every meal or after the playing session. When the kitten starts using the box, reward it with some food.

Allow it to socialize with other people or animals. This way, it will learn to behave appropriately around them.

Introduce her to toys to keep her busy, and this will also result in less damage to the property.

Give her some objects like toys and newspapers to explore. Allow her to play with it.

Sometimes play loud music and also make some noise; this will help her to behave appropriately during such circumstances.

Body Care Of The Kitten

Along with proper growth and behavior, it is also necessary to give them adequate body care. For a healthy body, the owners must take their kitten to the veterinary regularly. It is also essential to ask the doctor questions regarding intestinal parasites, earthworms, and fleas. Don’t forget to ask the doctor about vaccinations necessary and how often one must get that done.

Kitten Care: Must-Know Tips For Taking Care Of Kittens


Kittens need proper care and attention. It also requires the right family and responsible owner to grow correctly. An owner must also take care of it like his child.

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