Tips For Raising Kittens


Hello cat lovers, today we are going to discuss some tips over raising kittens. So if you have recently adopted a small, spongy haired ball of cuteness, the following article may help you out in some ways. Kittens are so much similar to human babies, and that is why you have to that much care about your kitten’s childhood. You can gift your kitten a healthy and well-behaved life only when you groom it correctly from the youth. So, in the following article, we will have a quick tour of some essential tips on raising kittens. 

Never Treat Your Kitten Like A Grown-up Cat

Kitten Care: Must-Know Tips For Raising Kittens
Kitten Care: Must-Know Tips For Raising Kittens

Like we can’t treat a child as a grown-up human, cats do expect the same from its master or mistress. A kitten demands utterly different sorts of care and behaviour than an adult cat. You must also update your set of care over the various developmental stage of your kitten.

 If your kitten is under eight weeks of age, then you will need to take special care of it. So, if you adopt or find a kitten of this age, you have to probably take it to a respective doctor as in this age, kittens badly need its mother and littermates to survive, as it requires milk and body heat from its mother to survive. But if you find an orphan one at this age, then you may probably have to help it in feeding and to pee and poop. You are advised to consult a veterinarian for exceptional care and related instruction. 

Way Forward To Tips For Raising Kittens

A kitten usually should turn into its kitten diet when it ages eight weeks and above. An ideal kitten diet must contain high protein, energy-dense, and highly digestive content. You must be very careful while choosing any dry or wet food for your kitten at this age group. Generally, at this age, kittens start to learn complex motor skills like running, jumping, exploring, etc. But this age can also be fatal for your kitten. We want to advise you to supervise and keep your eyes on it as much as you can to keep it safe and sound. Set new goals for your kitten and assure its safety as your priority. 

At the age of two to four months, a kitten grows rapidly. During this period, a kitten is nearly three times energetic than a fully grown-up cat. That is why; you have to feed it with at least three or four individual meals per day with at least 30% high protein content in it. 

At the age of four to six months, kittens develop their adolescence and sexual maturity. During this period, you are advised to consult a doctor for individual guidance. Your kitten may develop some unpleasant behaviour or habits like territorial spraying and accidental littering during this age. 

Socialize Your Kitten: Top Tips For Raising Kittens

Kitten Care: Must-Know Tips For Raising Kittens
Kitten Care: Must-Know Tips For Raising Kittens

Being a parent, it is your responsibility to socialize your kitten. Introduce it with new toys, let it play with you and your mates, go for outdoor sessions, and habituate it with weekly cleaning and grooming. Kittens love loud music and noise. So you can take it to parties. You are advised to never misbehave with your kitten as it can result in arrogance in your kitten in its matured days. Always be patient and reward your kitten’s good habits. You can try ignorance to your kitten whenever it performs a wrong action. Take it to let it introduces to other cats and kitten. This may help your kitten to be socialized. Take it for a car drive or bike rides. It will help your kitten to be free for the outer world. Let it think by challenging it with tricks and let it feel the world is a beautiful place. 

Treat Your Kitten’s Care As The Priority

Being a parent, you have to consider your kitten’s care as your priority. So, you are advised to take your kitten for a regular check-up. Enrich your knowledge about the parasites, fungus that can affect your kitten’s health. Consider prevention as the best way to care. Go through about the vaccination process your kitten will have to undergo. Learn about the vaccine and their respective ages to charge as well. This way, you can gift your beloved kitten a healthier life and a fantastic kittenhood as well.

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