Interesting Facts About The Siamese Cat

The Siamese cat kitten is among one of the most popular of cat breeds in the world. This breed’s striking colors and elegant features make it one breed of cat to remember. As children, the Siamese are known to be very vocal about their needs. If you give them enough attention and care, they can be around for years as well as be one of the best companions in your household.

They are also very loyal and dedicated to their owners, and can get along well with children. So, if you have children around your home, they would be a good choice. Are you planning to buy one for yourself but you are not too sure what to expect from a Siamese kitten? Then you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will be discussing everything you can expect in a Siamese cat Kitten, along with some interesting facts that you probably didn’t even know about. Are you curious to find out what these are?  Read on and you’ll find out. Take a look at these:

Interesting Facts about the Siamese Cat Kitten

Siamese Cat Kitten: Appearance

Here’s an interesting fact, when you first get a Siamese cat kitten for the first time, he won’t have those trademark colors on his fur yet. In an adult Siamese, you can see dark colored ears, dark tail, face, and paws.

Siamese kittens are born just white, with only a few hints of their signature dark color on their fur. But of course, Siamese cats are known for having blue eyes. Even as kittens, they will continue to have these signature blue eyes until adulthood.

When your Siamese kitten reaches three weeks, that’s when the signature colors on their fur will start to darken and take shape, but you will not see this form fully until it reaches one year old.

Siamese Cat Kitten: Temperament

Be ready to give your devoted time and energy to your kitties, because these guys will need lots of it. Siamese kittens do not like being alone, and may also latch to only one person it feels comfortable within the house.

They are also very jealous as kittens, so if you have another cat in the house they may become moody when you start giving your attention to other cats – sometimes humans.

Siamese kittens are also very sensitive, and if you leave them alone even just for a minute, his temper may become unpredictable. Siamese kittens are also not very open to strangers, so like a kitten, he may not like being touched by someone he doesn’t know.

Interesting Facts about the Siamese Cat Kitten

Siamese Cat Kittens: Intelligence

Each Siamese kitten has a unique personality. Of course, not all kitties will be the same. As time passes, he will start to develop his own personality at a young age. These kittens will require a lot of your time and patience, so be ready to pay attention to their playtime as they are very active.

Siamese kittens are extremely smart and have different more complex ways of being vocal as compared to other cat breeds. As a kitten, he will start using this to his advantage to gain your attention. Since he is also very young, it will be easy for you to train him due to his intelligence.

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