Important Things to Understand About Munchkin Cats


Munchkin cats are known as dwarf cats. These breeds continue to adore feline fanatics today and are a good grab for home pets!

Auspiciously, these kinds of breeds have beaten the odds and gone on to secure itself in the world of cat lovers, known for its affectionate, playful and clever nature.

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Here are four things you may not have known about munchkin cats.

Important Things to Understand About Munchkin Cats
Important Things to Understand About Munchkin Cats
  • Discovery. These kinds of breeds were names after an accident in Louisiana when a teacher accidentally found a short-legged cat under her car in the early ’80s. They were names after Wizard of OZ.
  • Prairie dogs. One distinct characteristic of munchkins cats is like the prairie dog. They have the ability to sit on their legs. This is because this breed’s hind leg is longer than the front.
  • Munchkins are alike. They are well known as sweet short legged felines. However, munchkin cats have different sizes of legs as well. The length of their legs varies from normal, short-short, and rug hugger, which is the shortest.
  • Normal Feline. In contrary to some concerns and beliefs, munchkins cats don’t have spinal problems because of being short legged. Examinations were conducted and revealed that there are no abnormalities on these breeds nor on their joints and bones.

Well, the only disadvantage of these breeds is their abilities to jump. Due to their short legs, they cannot jump as the normal cats who have longer and normal legs.

Important Things to Understand About Munchkin Cats
Important Things to Understand About Munchkin Cats

Munchkins Short Legs

Crossbreeding is not advisable for any animals. It may result in an undesirable result as well thus we need to be a little cautious in doing this. Munchkin cats are domestic cats and are too cute to handle. Their short legs are due to genetic experiments, and so, there are tales about the history of their breed. Munchkins are crossbreeds of other domestic felines like Persians and Siamese.

Other than their limbs, everything is normal with munchkin cats. These breeds are strong and compact. Medium in size and with normal joints and bones, no restrictions are existing on their patterns and colors in the eye or coats. Their back legs as mentioned are longer than their front but still can move around swiftly.

Munchkins are affectionate and caring in nature. Munchkins are fun, loving and caring felines. They behave well as they grow older. However, the same goes for other breeds. They need to be loved so they will reciprocate the love and care you are giving to them. Munchkin cats are defenseless against street cats; thus, it is recommended for them to stay indoors.

Important Things to Understand About Munchkin Cats
Important Things to Understand About Munchkin Cats

Above are some facts that you need to know about Munchkins. These kinds of felines are cutest and rare, so having them inside your home will give a lighter mood within the members. They love being cuddled the same as other cats. They greet you after a good night’s sleep and after a heavy day at work. Sweet loving Munchkin cats are an excellent choice for pet lovers, especially for some feline fanatics like myself.

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