How Your Cat Sleeping Effect Their Health

How Your Cat Sleeping Effect Their Health

Do you know, How Your Cat Sleeping affects their health? Cats suffer a lot from the cold in winter, and whoever has them at home knows what we are talking about. Despite having a body temperature higher than that of humans, this does not guarantee adequate shelter from the cold and especially from humidity. Notoriously the cat is an animal that tends to look for warm places to curl up and take long naps. Before the cold season, the coat undergoes a change. Therefore, the cat has more undercoat, but it seems that, despite this barrier, the defense from the cold is not enough.

Of course, the level of attention must increase if we have a small or elderly cat. In the first case, the young have thermoregulation that is not yet fully efficient. At the same time, for the elderly cats, the problems are related to age: osteoarthritis and a decrease in the immune system. That is why it is essential to ensure a warm place for our cat, but without exaggerating.

Comfortable Donut Bed For Dogs And Cats

One product that caught our attention is this donut-shaped kennel. Available in various colours, it is made of cotton and plush. It remains very soft to the touch, thus adapting to the many postures that the cat assumes when sleeping. The design is excellent, with the raised edge, excellent for supporting the cat’s head and neck, especially if subject to arthritic pain. Equipped with non-slip cloth, in the lower part, which will guarantee safety. The measures are 48x48x10. It will surely be a warm place, preferred for our kitty.

How Your Cat Sleeping Effect Their Health
How Your Cat Sleeping Effect Their Health

Key Features Of Donut Bed

This donut bed combines style and comfort with the cutest look. Lie down on donut beds to take a photo, beautiful and elegant.

This bed is washable, easy to clean, removes hair, and can be cleaned with a washer and dryer. Machine wash does not affect the size of the dog bed.

The pet bed is moisture resistant and protects your pet from moisture. The dustproof bottom helps prevent accidental anti-slip fabrics.


Material: Oxford cloth + PP cotton


  • XL: diameter 80cm
  • L: diameter 70cm
  • M: diameter 60cm
  • S: diameter 50cm
  • XS: diameter 40cm

Colour: white, dark grey, light grey, brown, pink

Package Content: 1x Comfortable Donut Bed For Dogs And Cats

Cozy Pet Igloo Bed

If you want to provide maximum comfort for your cat or dog and make sure he feels safe and relaxed during sleep, this product is for you. This igloo-shaped bed is an ideal bed for your pets, to make them feel more comfortable.

How Your Cat Sleeping Effect Their Health
How Your Cat Sleeping Effect Their Health

What Makes This Product Special?

  • It provides warmth and security.
  • The interiors retain body heat while keeping the environment naturally warm.
  • It is a soft and welcoming shelter that the cat/dog will never want to leave.
  • Portable and light, easy to carry anywhere and anytime.
  • It reduces the spread of bacteria that cause bad smells.
  • Easy to clean, machine washable.

Functionality And Details

It is made with ultra-soft short plush fabric and PP Cotton that can keep your pet always comfortable and warm. Durable for years of use, easy to wash.

Open on one side; this soft pouch provides a safe environment where your pet can rest and feel protected.

The opening in the upper part does not remain open on its own. The cushion at the bottom is removable to be able to use it without a hood. Most animals love to enter from the top and get wrapped up. Therefore, it is perfect for animals that love to dig burrows.

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