The New Kitten: Take Care

How To Take Care Of The New Kitten

Every kid demands to care and nurture from its family. Moreover, the first year is very crucial for babies. The constant physical and mental developments in the initial months are common. Many online and offline portals act as a guide for your pet. The initial months are challenging, but are the best memories. The kittens are prone to infections and diseases due to the changing surroundings. Therefore, regular veterinarian visits and vaccines are a must. The New Kitten can’t hear or see in the first three weeks. Care for your kitten is essential to develop a sense of security and belongingness. These furry mewing balls turn to cats within a year.

How To Take Care Of The New Kitten
How To Take Care Of The New Kitten

The primary care routines for your kitten are:

Weaning The New Kitten

The mother cat initiates to wean from the fourth week. Moreover, you can offer the kittens solid food from the eight months of age. The mother cat stops this process slowly after the initial nourishment. The kittens can demand to wean during the ninth or tenth month for comfort. The nursing and reassurance develop the mental state of the kitten. Therefore, this is a part of enhancing the bond.

Food Care

You should not detach a baby from its mother in the first year. Moreover, the milk, the warmth, and the exercises are essential for growth. The mother cat knows the ways to enhance the lifestyle of the kitten. Never offer cow milk to the kitten. The minerals in it can adversely affect the kitten. Canned or packaged food contains preservatives. Therefore, coo as per the veterinarian’s advice. After the eight-week, mother’s milk is not necessary for the development. You should always arrange for clean drinking water for the kitten. This water should be free from chemicals and other foreign elements. Fatty foods are harmful to the cat furs.

Warmth And Care For Your New Kitten

The kittens look for warm places to maintain their body temperature. Moreover, the love cozy places to cuddle. Kittens are small in size, and can’t manage their body temperature on their own. The mother maintains the environment for the betterment. You can also arrange for a cozy bed and a quiet atmosphere for the cat. All the cats curl up together to assure safety and assurance. Kittens hate water, but cleaning is essential for health. Avoid using harsh antibiotic liquids for cleaning. However, these burns their skin and cause irritations. There are specific cat soaps and shampoos in the market that you can buy.

How To Take Care Of The New Kitten
How To Take Care Of The New Kitten


You can play and pet your cat in many ways. Moreover, kittens love to cuddle and gain the attention of the members. They want to play with their mother or family members. Therefore, this is a way to enhance the bond amongst the members. Familiar touches and smell offer reassurance to the cat. They can play with any objects for a long time. Exercising and scratching are typical behaviors of your cat.