How To Raise A Kitten

How To Raise A Kitten Into A Confident Cat

New kittens depend entirely on their owners when it comes to staying safe and thriving well in the environment. For the ones who wonder how to raise a kitten into a self-reliant cat, the tips below can be useful:

How To Raise A Kitten Into A Confident Cat
How To Raise A Kitten Into A Confident Cat

How To Raise A Kitten: Know The Basics

Your young kitty requires a place where she can feel safe. Going for a cat bed or blanket-lined box would be great. Speaking of food, kittens need a lot of calories and protein in their first year. Therefore, make sure to find foods specially formulated using these vital nutrients.

Start litter training your kitty by placing her in the cardboard box right after leaving the bed and after meals. Do not punish your kitten and shower her with praises for doing things correctly. Offer a scratch post if you want to save your furniture from damage.

How To Raise A Kitten: Adopt Her On Good Time

It works to adopt a kitty when she is just 10 or 12 weeks old. You even have the option of adopting kittens at an early age of 6 weeks. But this can be a bit stressful for the kitten. The adoption can make her shy and fearful.

Kitty-Proof Your Dwelling

Electric wires should be out of your kitty’s reach. The same goes for different types of small things. Insect traps and poisonous plants should also be kept away or entirely removed from the house. Kitchen cabinets and toilet seats should be closed after use. Even you should close the lids of dryers and washers when you have a kitten.

Introductions Should Be Slow

Your kitten’s relaxation space should be quiet and cosy. It should include her bed, food container, and litter box. Gently handled kittens are more well-adjusted and friendlier. Therefore, they are more confident and curious as cats.

Make sure the kitten can adjust to the surroundings properly. Once she adapts with the new environment, it is time for you to introduce her with the family members.

But be slow in this process, introduce just one member at a time. Give some extra time when introducing the children. On the other hand, you should teach the kids how to interact with the kitty. Do not forget to teach them the importance of washing their hands after holding the kitten.

Room Introductions Are Also Important

If you are looking forward to raising a confident cat, then introducing just the family members will not work. You should make it a point to introduce the kitten to the different corners of the house as well. It will make her more confident, and she will be able to handle the surroundings even if she is left alone in the house.

How To Raise A Kitten Into A Confident Cat
How To Raise A Kitten Into A Confident Cat

Prepare The Other Pets If You Have Any

Make sure your other pets are in good health before introducing the kitten to this mix. Give the old cats in your house extra attention. It will help in easing anxiety. In case you have a dog, avoid leaving the kitty alone. Do not forget to reward the pets for their perfect behavior.

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