How To Provide Cat Care In Loudoun

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Over a short period of time, she had developed a large tumor on her left side and was struggling just to walk; even with her surgery the larger the tumor the more difficult it was for her to walk. After seeing what she could do and reading about her situation, I made an appointment for her to come in. She came the following day and was so thrilled that I thought she would cry.

A large number of animals are put to death in the name of ‘mercy killing’ – a practice which has sadly permeated our nation’s animal shelters and animal treatment areas. While no one deserves to die unnecessarily, it is vital that we as a society keep a closer eye on sick and neglected cats, in particular cats that may have serious health problems that can be alleviated with law procedures. There are several reasons why the majority of us never hear about a cat or a kitten who has received this specialized medical care. For one thing most clinics are privately owned by people whose primary motivation is profit over the animals. Secondly, most spaying and neutering programs at local animal shelters are rarely advertised because the local citizens do not want to lose the money which the shelters generate in fees.

Contracted A Rare Disease

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The owner of the clinic where Dr. Wiechmann saw the cat, contacted me and shared with me her story. Her cat had contracted a rare disease, feline panleukopenia, and it was quickly progressing. It killed her mother within a few days and left her with some severe liver damage. A couple of weeks later, she was still very ill and required surgery for what was diagnosed as an abscess. This is when she made contact with me.

I have also been involved with many cases of feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) and other types of disease. A number of cats suffer from this ailment every year. In addition, most cats in our area suffer from it because they do not receive the standard veterinary medical care which is provided by a private, for-profit, shelter. Cats receive annual wellness examinations and spaying/neutering if they are younger than five years old, and they receive regular vaccinations. Unfortunately, most of these shelters only perform these services if a referral is given from the pet owner.

Determined To Save Her Cat

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The owner of the clinic contacted me because she was determined to save her cat. She believed that I could help her struggling feline by providing comprehensive feline surgical care, including anesthetic, laser surgery, arthroscopic surgery, and Vocalization. In addition, we both agreed that there needed to be more available funding for this type of veterinary care. Because of our lengthy agreement, I was able to give her additional services. I even offered her a discount on all of my veterinary care at the same time.

The owner was quite grateful for the assistance she received from me. She was able to bring her cat back from the brink of death. She was able to breathe easy with no more medications or surgeries. And, most significantly, she now has peace of mind knowing that her feline pets are receiving the high standards of health care that they need. I am very fortunate that she shared this experience with me, and I am very proud to be a part of this caring community.

Mutual Understanding Of Cats

Because of our mutual understanding of cats, we have incorporated many services into our veterinary practice. I have personally focused my efforts on improving the life quality of cats and kittens born in our Loudoun cat care program. I have worked hard to ensure that every cat is examined by a licensed veterinarian twice annually.

My goal has been to ensure that each cat is as healthy as possible. As a result, I feel that we have saved the lives of hundreds of cats. I have also made it a priority to attend the annual feline wellness examinations for all of our cats, which are held at the Woodgrove High School.


There are many other reasons why I feel that it is important for us to provide the highest level of medical care for our pets. Because we have adopted these high standards, we feel that we have improved the lives of many animals. At the same time, we have discovered that we have also saved money by providing quality pet medicine to the pets that we receive. If you have a cat, a dog, or other furry friend, I hope that you will consider taking the time to visit the website of a physician who practices good, ethical veterinary medicine.

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