Halloween Cat Accessories to Create a Stunning Effect

Halloween Cat Accessories

Are you looking for the perfect Halloween cat accessories to dress up your little girl? Here is a list of the best cat accessories that you should buy.

Halloween Cat Accessories

Cat Hairband

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A cat hairband is easily available on Amazon  and Ebay. It is best to buy one in black with little prints or other color detailing. A good cat hairband has triangular ears attached on both the sides and you just have to wear the hairband to look like a cat. 

Cat Eyeliner And Thicker Brows

A pair of blue eyes

A cat-shaped eyeliner is one of the most essential makeup to look like a Halloween cat. You need to elongate your eyeliner in a dark black shade to look like a cat. Also, darken your eyebrows and make them longer to create a more dramatic effect. Using eyeshadow, color your eyelids in a darker brown shade to create a stunning effect.

Cat Nose and Whiskers

Paint a cute little nose in black or dark brown on top of  your nose to create a catty look. Taking the same eyeliner or kohl pen, create cat whiskers and tiny dots on your cheeks to resemble a cat’s face.

Cat BowTie

Whatever costume you are wearing, a bowtie is a must to create a dramatic effect. You can buy a ready Halloween bowtie online on Amazon or make one yourself. 

Halloween Cat Costume

It is best to wear black leotards to look like a Halloween Cat. You can make a small cut out at the hips areas to let our your tail. You can even wear black leggings and a black fitting t-shirt if you do not have a leotard.

Halloween cat tail

Roll up a piece of sponge in a black fabric in a way that it looks like a long cat tail. Pin this tail to your leotard or let it out from your leggings by stitching it on the inside. This will make it more stronger and it will not come out easily.

Cat Socks and Shoes

Finish your look with black stockings, black socks and black bellies. You can even wear white shoes if you have seen cats with white paws. 

The basic look of a Halloween cat is complete now. You can further accessorize by carrying a basket full of treats. Do your makeup well. You can even make dark freckles all over your face to look like a real cat. You can even paint your face black if you want to be a black cat. The main look is given by a Halloween hair band, a Halloween cat tail and cat eyes. Ensure that you do these well to look like a real Halloween cat. Color your lips dark red to create a more dramatic effect. You can even wear a fur jacket to make yourself furry.

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