Fun Facts About Russian Blue Cat

With ties to the Russian czars, shimmery emerald eyes and striking blue coats, the Russian Blue Cat has an air of charm and elegance. Nevertheless, if you have been lucky enough to spend some time with these gorgeous cats, you will probably know that they are caring and highly sensitive as well. Not to forget, their clever nature. Perhaps, the more fun facts you know about this breed, the more you will love them. This medium-sized cat breed looks stunning in its majestic green eyes and bluish coat. As is suggested by the name, the breed comes from Russia. Apart from this basic information, there are other exciting things you need to know about this breed. Have a look below:

Fun Facts About Russian Blue Cat
Fun Facts About Russian Blue Cat

The Russian Blue Is Not The Only Blue Cat In This World

Yes, this is indeed the only cat breed with the word “blue” in its name, but it is not the only blue cat in this world. The Chartreux cats from France are also blue, and they are admired across the world just like the Russian Blue. The Chartreux is quite rare in comparison to the Russian Blue, which has a large population. There are other blue cat breeds apart from the Chartreux and Russian Blue. They are British Shorthair and Korat from Thailand. Physically, the Russian Blue falls in the same category as British Shorthair and Korat. It is elegant, it is long, and it is slender just like the cats from the other two breeds.

Russian Blue Cat Showed Up At The First Cat Event In The World

This Archangel Cat made its appearance at the very first cat event in the world. It was a cat show conducted in the year 1875 at the Crystal Palace in London. The breed drew great recognition and praises from the attendees visiting from Archangel and thus the name “Archangel Cat’. The visitors described it as specifically furry and as cute as a rabbit.

Fun Facts About Russian Blue Cat
Fun Facts About Russian Blue Cat

They Are Royal Favorites

Many might not be aware of this fact, but yes, the Russian Blues are royal favorites. Experts in this field are of the view that this cat breed comes from the northern part of Russia and especially the Archangel Isles. The place is known for its long winters making way for a cat breed with the plush and dense coat- the Russian Blue. Legend has it that the cat healed a much-in pain prince while experts claim that the breed was long used in different royal settings for warding off evil spirits. It is because of its widespread popularity across the royal territory that this breed is considered to be of royal pedigrees.

The Cat Is Not Completely Hypoallergenic

Experts in the cat industry have come up with claims saying that the Russian Blue is not entirely hypoallergenic. Hence, it might not be perfect for allergic individuals to consider raising this cat. Yes, it does not shed much, but it definitely has dander.

Going through these fun facts about the Russian Blues will definitely lead you into believing that you know quite a bit about these rusky felines.

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